Earn Extra Income Without Leaving Home

There are so many legitimate ways that you can make some extra money from home. They don’t have to be just doing surveys for 10 cents each either! Even if you watch what you spend, having a little extra cash is always needed. You could use the extra to put away for savings. If you make enough, you could decide that that is the income that you will live off. Here are some simple ways that you can get a little extra income.

Sell Some of What You Have

A great way to get a little extra cash is to sell things that you have. If you have a range of nice clothes or shoes that are still in good condition, you could sell them. I go by the six-month rule and think that if I haven’t used an item in over six months, then I won’t ever again. Designer or branded clothes are always a good option, as people love to get a deal. If you have kids, baby items are always a good idea to sell. Some sites take a little of your earnings for using their site, but there are other options. Sell via free social media groups or even have a yard sale.

Start a Small Selling Business

There will come a point, where you don’t have anything left of your own that you want to sell. How about starting a little business of your own from home? Think about items that you could buy cheaply to then sell on. Something like wholesale sterling silver jewelry would be a good choice. The markup is high on these kinds of items too so you can make a good amount of money from it. This will require a fair amount of your time, so think if this is for you or not.

Do You Have a Spare Room?

If you have a spare room or travel a lot with your job, you could list your home to be rented for vacations. Sites like Airbnb allow you to list your room or home, for people visiting the area. They think they are getting a great deal as it is cheaper than a hotel. You have to just provide somewhere clean for them to sleep. If you do this regularly, you can earn a lot of money. So do you live in quite a tourist location? If so, get your home listed!

Become a Mystery Shopper

Ok, so this one is not something you can do from your home. But you can do it in your spare time and make a good rate. There are several agencies that you register with online and then you will start getting assignments. Quite often it just involves visiting a store and trying on a piece of clothing, for example. Why not get paid to do something you would be doing anyway?

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