Everything You Need to Know If You Are Considering Laser Eye Surgery

If you suffer from hyperopia or, farsightedness, you probably find that you struggle to see things up close without the help of glasses or contact lenses. Science has come a long way in improving the options available to you and you might have already heard about Laser Eye Surgery that people with this issue are opting for. In this article, we are going to have a look at everything you need to know about laser eye surgery so that you can feel comfortable about making the decision. Keep reading if you’d like to know more about how you can change your life by correcting your eyesight effectively.

What is Hyperopia?

People who suffer from this problem with their eyesight tend to be able to see things that are in the distance more clearly than things that are right in front of them. This is the opposite to another common eyesight problem which is referred to as nearsightedness. This type of refractive error is often diagnosed with symptoms that include headaches, eyestrain, blurry vision for items up close and squinting. This is a very common problem and hyperopia is more likely to occur in people whose parents have been diagnosed with this issue. If you’d like to know more about Hyperopia then make sure to check out Schaeffer Eye Center.  This site will give you all the information that you need to know about the eyesight issue and will be able to help you with getting the problem solved.

Treating Hyperopia

The good news about Hyperopia is that there are many ways that you can correct your eyesight and allow yourself to see objects that are close to you such as magazines or books. You can easily go to the opticians and find the right type of glasses for you. People often have a pair of reading glasses because they suffer from this type of problem. You can also get contact lenses if you don’t think that you would like to have to wear glasses all the time. If you would like to choose a more permanent solution, you should consider Laser Eye Surgery.

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery is a type of refractive surgery that was created to treat Hyperopia, Myopia and Astigmatism. There are around six different types of laser eye surgery, the most common one that you will find people getting done is called LASIK. LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis and it is one of the very first methods of laser eye surgery that was introduced in practices around the world. Most people who undergo this type of treatment hope for their vision to be fully corrected and allow them to go about their daily lives freely without the help of any glasses or contact lenses.

How does Laser Eye Surgery work?

With Laser Eye procedures like LASIK, anaesthetic eye drops will be placed in the eye to ensure that the patient does not feel any pain. The surgeon will then use a speculum to keep the eye open so that the surgery can take place. The surgeon will then use a blade to create a hinged flap in the patient’s cornea. When it comes to the laser part, very thin layers of the cornea are removed using this technology. The surgeon will then replace the flat to ensure the procedure is completed. Following this, eye drops will be given to the patient to prevent any sort of infection occurring. This can also help to prevent dryness and in some cases an eyepatch is used for extra protection.

Will it be painful?

Although anaesthetics are used in this surgical procedure, some patients do record levels of discomfort throughout the process. It is unlikely that you will experience any sort of actual pain unless something has not gone to plan. Overall, you shouldn’t worry about being in pain during this type of procedure.

Is Laser Eye Surgery Safe?

To ensure that this whole procedure is safe, you should make sure that you choose a qualified and experienced surgeon. The chances of you going blind or having adverse side effects are very low in this type of surgery. Laser Eye Surgery is a safe way of correcting your eyesight.

How successful is it?

This type of surgery has a great reputation for being successful. Many patients who undergo laser eye surgery end up with 20/20 vision and most are incredibly happy with the results. If you are considering going ahead with this surgery, then we recommend that you find an experienced surgeon for the job. You are likely to pay a high cost for this surgery; however, the cost will depend on where you get it done and the condition of your eye.  Change your life today and organize your laser eye surgery!

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