Everything You Need To Know About Starting Running

So, you’ve decided that running may be the next best activity that you do. Running. On the street or in the gym, running is not hard to do but if you are a newbie to it, it’s going to feel impossible! Deciding to start running is a big deal, and getting fit may feel like it’s a long way off but once you get started, you will be able to keep going – promise!

The biggest question that doesn’t sound like it makes sense is “how do I start running?”. It’s actually not as simple as just putting one foot in front of the other and repeating that over and over – you need to think about how you breathe, how to make it a habit not a chore and how you can keep going even when you really don’t want to keep going! So, with this in mind, here are some of the best tips you could have to get started with running!

  1. Get dressed and get ready. Sounds daft, but if you buy your dream sneakers, you will know you are off to the best start. Get dressed in the right gear so that you are seen on the road, comfortable and wearing breathable material. Make sure that you buy the right clothing for the weather, too!
  2. Don’t run a marathon on your first day. You want to get used to running and there are programs like Couch 2 5K, which specifically helps you to get from being a couch potato to running a 5km path in six weeks. The first day you run, it’s likely you’ll spend more time walking than running, and that’s okay! Little steps for big results!
  3. Be ready for this to be painful. Yep, it’s going to hurt! Your body is not going to thank you any time soon, and running is hard! There is a lot of impact on the body and you are going to feel it in the legs pretty quickly. Think about this when you are selecting your sneakers. The right shoes will help you to keep your feet protected at all times, even when it’s raining!
  4. You don’t need motivation to run. Making this a habit is important, and that won’t always come with feeling motivated. You will not always be motivated to run at 6am when it’s cold and dark – but you have to get up and go anyway. Find a great podcast or playlist and keep that 30 minute slot per day to run. Even if you just walk – do it anyway!
  5. Tell everyone that you plan to learn to run. Brag to colleagues that you are learning to push yourself and tell your friends that you are going to achieve something amazing – you’re not going to stop until you hit your running goals. The extra support will help!

Running isn’t going to be successful instantly. You will need to give yourself some time to achieve and learn. You need to get used to breathing while you run so that you don’t end up winded. It’ll be great – what are you waiting for?

Image source: Pexels

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