Five Foolproof Techniques to Get That Promotion

Most people have career ambitions. While some would rather focus on other areas of their lives, advancing through a career is important to many. Anyone who wants to take on new roles and responsibilities has to be willing to go after promotions. If you wish to stay with the same company, you should set your sights on more senior positions. Many businesses like to consider promoting their current staff before taking on new hires. Getting that promotion is no easy task, though, and it has to be something you work for. Have a look at some of the things you can do to make it more likely.


Look for Mentors
The majority of people who receive promotions have had a mentoring relationship with someone. It’s an excellent idea to ask someone to mentor you to help you advance. They can give you the advice and knowledge you need to go further. In addition to that, they are also in a position to put in a good word about you. It will always be useful to have someone higher up who can vouch for you.


Use a Career Coach
Sometimes you need an outside perspective to help you understand yourself. You can consider executive coaching if you want to start reaching for that promotion. A careers coach can give you assistance with knowing your strengths and weaknesses. They can take a look at the skills you need for your current job and for the promotion you want to help you fulfill them. After assessing what you need, they can provide you with advice and information that will help you get what you want.


Don’t Be Afraid to Promote Yourself
We’re often told not to brag about ourselves, which is why the world of work can be difficult for some. In some situations, like applying for jobs and going after promotions, you need to promote yourself. Employers want to see that you know what you’re good at and that you’re comfortable in your skin. Make it known when you do something that’s worth recognizing.

fj4Keep Improving
Continuing your training and education will show that you’re willing to improve yourself. In fact, if you want to get a promotion, you’re going to need to learn new things. If you don’t, how will you fulfill the new responsibilities a promotion gives you? Don’t just wait for your employer to offer you training opportunities. You have to go after them yourself to show that you’re proactive.


Create a Network
Knowing the right people is just as important as making the right moves. Networking both within and outside of your company will help you be the first to hear about opportunities. People may even put you forward for promotions or open positions. Remember that you can search for more senior roles outside of your current company. It could be easier to advance if you’re willing to change employer.

Getting promoted isn’t something that will happen on its own. You need to put in a lot of work if you want to be recognized.

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