Are Gadgets Changing our Healthy Lifestyle Habits?

Technology advances at a daily rate and there doesn’t seem like there isn’t a day without some new release of software, the latest gadget to be released or the things that we can do to improve our lifestyle in some way. It is quite scary to think that we can now track things so detailed, our exercise habits, the things we eat, weight loss and curbing bad habits, that we have forgotten about the days where this wasn’t at all possible. It got me thinking about the gadgets we use as part of everyday life that can have an impact on our healthier lifestyle choices. Maybe you might feel inspired to try some of them yourself.

Curbing bad habits

We all have bad habits when it comes to our health, and these days there are often things we can do to help curb them for good. Take smoking, for example, there are now gadgets in places such as e-cigarettes that can help you quit for good. Using brands like Juulpods and trying out not only less or eventually no nicotine pods, but  there are also herbal options that can help with other areas in your life such as easing tension and stress or relaxing muscles that cause headaches. You can even find tutorials on how to use them and how you can refill Juulpods online which can be extremely useful. There are also smartphone applications out there ot help with other aspects of your life. Your mindset, for example, can be harnessed with downloaded planners where you focus on positivity and your goals. You can track your habits by entering the amount you drink or eat in to applications that can work out calories etc. The options are endless.

Wearable technology

Ever wondered how much distance you have walked or ran? Ever wanted to know how many calories you’re burning on a day to day basis? Thanks to the advancements with wearable technology, such as the Apple Watch, fitbit and also Casio. You only have to watch this YouTube video to see what I am talking about. These gadgets can really transform your life. From the person who just likes to remain active on a social basis, a run every few days or just regularly keep fit, to the people who are serious hikers on a weekend, the adrenalin junkies and the ones that take that active lifestyle to the next level. It can also be an incentive to do something, having  a gadget on your wrist is functional, it can connect to your phone, help you to stay in contact and generally be better at keeping you in tune with day to day life.

Smartphone applications

Finally, there are now so many apps you can use daily that can have an impact on your lifestyle habits. Trackers for diets, mental health reminders to be positive and show gratitude, planners to keep you organised and apps to track your workouts. The phone has fast become our lives, and while it is a great thing in terms of our health, we really have no idea where this technology is going to take us in the future.

Maybe this has inspired you to try a watch or give up a bad habit, what gadgets will you use to help you do it?

Photo: Pixabay

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