How to Wear Lingerie for an Everyday Look

When the heatwave finally arrives at our doorstep, a nightie quickly becomes the most comfortable piece of clothing we own. However, it’s not only at night that we would like to spend our time in our silky satin slips. Recently, fashion influencers and celebrities started to challenge the definition of a nightie by wearing it in broad daylight. Are you considering to step out in your nightie? Read this article to find out how to wear your nightie during both daytime and nighttime.

For a night out with your girlfriends

Pair your lacy satin nightie with a wrap over your shoulders, and you got yourself a perfect outfit for a girls’ night out. Be sure to keep your makeup to a minimum and wear a matching pair of stilettos. Accessorize accordingly and avoid putting on too much jewelry – you want to get a fresh and light look. This look works best with high-quality sexy nighties from brands like Obsessive that pay close attention to detail and finish. 

Wear it with a jacket

The shoulders are the most revealing part of a nightie. The shoulder strip also reveals that we are, in fact, wearing a nightie and not a regular dress. That’s why if you’d like to go out without people noticing that you’re actually wearing a nightie, a good option is covering the shoulder part with a jacket. To complete your look, add canvas sneakers, and you’ll get a perfect outfit for a summertime casual outing.

A nightie with a blazer and a hat

Another way to wear your nightie during daytime is an outfit that could easily pass as office wear. All it takes is wearing a long blazer over your nightie. Then cover your head with a simple hat and get your office bag. It’s time to go to work, and your nightie is a perfect outfit!

Play it down

Here’s a fantastic way to wear a nightie in a more casual way. Slip your nightie on and wrap a shirt around your waist to transform the look. It’s best to play it down and use a checked shirt. That way, you’ll get a grunge-inspired outfit. Add a watch, bracelets, and a sling bag to complete the look. Instead of putting on your stilettos, go for ankle boots instead.

Wear it with a pair of shorts

If showing your complete nightie is still uncomfortable during the daytime, here’s a strategy. Tuck the bottom of your nightie into a high-waisted pair of shorts. That way, your nightie will transform into your new favorite top. The beautiful lacy top will be in full view, and you’ll be keeping it classy thanks to the shorts.

Go back to the 90s

Finally, here’s another way to wear your nightie with the simplest pieces of clothing in the world: a white T-shirt. By pairing your nightie with a white T-shirt, you’ll be basically following a solid fashion trend from the 1990s, which was inspired by grunge fashion. Take a white or gray T-shirt and put it under your nightie. Add a pair of white trainers, and you’ll look totally in fashion.

We hope these tips help you to stay on-trend and wear your nightie in daytime and nighttime with style.

Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

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