Make Serving Drinks Easy at Your Next Party

Having people over for drinks is a good way to catch up, without needing to head into a bar in town. Trouble is, if you’re the host, you may feel like you spend more time running round after people and topping up their drinks than mingling and chatting. So, how do you throw a great party without having to be the waiter all night? Here are a few tips for easy drink serving.

Set up a home bar

When someone says ‘home bar’ you might be imagining some fancy set up, but it doesn’t have to be! You can easily make a DIY bar at home by following a few steps.

  1. Find a suitable piece of furniture – a sturdy long table or sideboard is ideal
  2. Put the glasses at one end
  3. In the middle, add an ice bucket and garnishes
  4. At the other end, add your drinks, such as liquor and mixers

This way, you can create an organised flow, with people starting at one end, and having a drink by the time they get to the other side. This means you don’t have to make individual drinks, simply check and top up the ice and put clean glasses out now and again.

Serve drinks in cans and bottles

If you’re keeping it casual, consider stocking up on cans and bottles. You can buy lots of party favourites in cans and bottles, from craft beer to soft drinks and even pre-mixed drinks, which you can then just open and pour, or have guests drink from them. This is perfect for relaxed garden parties, or outdoor events with lots of guests.

Make batches of cocktails

Cocktails are a little complex for most parties, as they usually involve lots of equipment and different types of alcohol. But there are a number of cocktails that you can make in large batches, and then serve in jugs or dispensers. Pimms, sangria, tinto de Verano, or even pitchers of crowd pleasers such as margaritas are easy to make and serve large groups. Fishbowl cocktails are another fun idea for small groups, just add a bunch of straws and everyone can enjoy them.

Ask people to reuse their glasses

It’s annoying when glasses pile up at parties. You should try to get people to reuse their glasses where possible, so you don’t run out before the end of the night. Consider buying some wine glass charms, which come in different colours and attach to the stem, so people can keep track of their drink. You could also use whiteboard markers to write peoples’ names on their glass, which encourages them to reuse them.

Preparation is key when it comes to getting drinks ready for a party. Trying to make individual drinks can make your party more difficult, as you’ll be constantly running around trying to keep everyone topped up. Instead, follow the tips above during the day, get it all ready and laid out, and you can simply enjoy the time with your friends.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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