Tech Trends That Are Revolutionizing Small Business

The modern business landscape is significantly different than it had been even a couple of decades ago and that is all down to the rise of one thing in particular: digital technology. Now, it’s easier to launch, market, and manage a business, all of it from behind a screen. Technology’s influence continues to dominate the business world, and it can help you transform your business for the better, too. Here are some tech trends you might want to consider looking into.

Organic marketing techniques

Not a specific kind of tool, software or hardware, but rather a discipline that is becoming increasingly important. Organic marketing can help even a small business without much of an ad budget get noticed by users of the internet. This can include search engine optimization (or SEO), which involves helping your website rank higher on search engine results pages so that more people find it through engines like Google. It also includes content marketing, which is the creation and dissemination of informative, helpful, or otherwise valuable content that can show off the knowledge base of the business and help convince would be customers to take the plunge and convert. The benefit of organic marketing is that it can be done entirely for free if you’re willing to put the time in to learn more about it.

Cloud software

The Cloud continues to rise. Many small businesses are already using it to store data that they don’t have hardware space for, or that they want to keep safe and backed up. However, storage isn’t the only way to use the Cloud. Now, Cloud-based software, often run on a Software as a Service model, is helping businesses be much more flexible. A wide range of software packages, including the Microsoft Office suite of tools, have Cloud-based versions now, that can be used anywhere, at anytime, on any device, providing the user has the right authentication details to use them. This is perfect for business owners on the road, as well as those who rely on remote workers, allowing them to be much more flexible about what work they do and where they do it.

Big Data

When it comes to Big Data, you might imagine enterprise-sized organisations with all the money in the world to manage their own data servers. However, small businesses that do their business online or rely on software such as CRM (as mentioned above) collect a lot of data, too, that could be just as useful. With a data analyst and a database comparison tool, you could find the best way to collect and collate data from a range of resources. This can help you better understand your customers, how they engage with the business, and how better to win them over for the growth of the business.

The rise of AI

We don’t quite have robots trained to run the business for us just yet. However, we are beginning to see more and more AIs that can help with the customer journey, especially in the eCommerce space. AI chatbots and customer service tools can speed up customer interactions greatly, fielding commonly asked questions and providing links based on not only what the customer asks, but they have used your website or interacted with the business in the past. At some points, human intervention may be necessary, but AI chatbots are already doing a great job at helping customers who have simple questions that might otherwise take too much time from your employees.

Automation software

You don’t always need AI to take some of the work off your shoulders. One of the biggest benefits of software is its ability to automate more and more of your work. Nowadays, you can automate a huge range of processes, including accounting, HR, data entry, and email marketing. If you feel like you don’t have enough time in the day to focus your efforts on actions that could really help grow the business, then look at some of the automation software currently available on the market. You’re almost guaranteed to find something that can take some of the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on work that is both more profitable and much more engaging for you. 

More and more, the businesses that can stay up to date with the benefits that technology has to offer are going to be the businesses that have the greater chance of success. More tech doesn’t always mean better, but smarter use of it is a different question entirely.

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