Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Massage

Massage therapy is a holistic practice that soothes your body and mind. Certified massage therapists can provide several types of massage that are suited to specific physical needs. From stress reduction and improved immunity to anxiety relief and improved sleep quality, there are many benefits of massage. There are several things you can do throughout the massage therapy process to make the most out of your session. Here are a few tips.

Schedule strategically

The best time of the day to get a massage depends on when you will have dedicated time to relax afterward. Schedule a trip to the massage table on a day that you know you will have time to embrace the soothing, relaxed energy that comes from a massage.

Work out before the massage

You don’t have to choose between a workout and a massage session in the same day. Be sure to get your workout in before getting a massage. This way your muscles are already warmed up and the massage will feel great on tired muscles. Working out after a massage session can strain and stress relaxed muscles and cause you to potentially injury yourself.

Don’t eat too much

There’s nothing wrong with eating something light before getting on the massage table, but do avoid eating excessively to the point where you’re feeling bloated. Try to eat a few hours ahead and don’t skip eating something light. You may feel dizzy or light-headed during the massage if you don’t eat. Massage stimulates digestion so save the multi-course meal for after your session.

Request your preferred style

There is a different type of massage for all bodywork needs. When booking your session, request any preferred massage therapists you enjoy. If you don’t have a therapist, look for a practitioner who can perform different types of massage. Dealing with muscle tension and tense areas is uncomfortable and causes fatigue. Every form of massage uses different techniques and strokes. Therapeutic massage, Thai massage, trigger point, Swedish massage, Sports massage, Prenatal massage, and deep tissue massage are some of the most common types of massage that therapists perform.

Once you begin your massage session, there are two important things to do to make the most of your session.

Remember to breathe

Never hold your breath during a massage. It’s tempting to tense up and not breathe while your massage therapist is working out a knot. Remember to breathe fully and deeply to carry oxygen to your blood and help tense muscles.

Speak up

Your massage therapist won’t know if you like or dislike something unless you speak up. Don’t be afraid to ask your therapist to rub additional lotion or oil to reduce friction. Tell your therapist if the pressure is too strong, and if they do something you don’t like, say so. Your therapist is there to help you experience the benefits of massage, including relaxation, increased range of motion, improved blood flow, and pain management of medical conditions.

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The benefits of massage continue long after you get off the massage table if you practice the right self-care.

Hydrate After the Session

Staying hydrated after your massage session is important. The soft tissues of the body can become dehydrated during a massage, similar to a workout. Drinking plenty of water following a massage session helps flush out metabolic wastes and build healthy muscle tissue.

Treat any post-session soreness

Your muscles may be sore following a massage session, especially if you are new to bodywork. Treat any soreness or pain the same as you would following an intense workout. Icing, light stretching or yoga, and a chiropractic adjustment can all harmonize with the benefits of massage.

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Get the most out of your next massage with these tips and prepare to feel amazing.

Image by Jürgen Rübig from Pixabay 

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