Top Vacation Spots In The U.S. To Visit Post Pandemic

Almost more than three months into it, the pandemic has got to us. As the U.S. starts to open, we are sure you are looking forward to a good and relaxing vacation. While we let the experts do their job, we do our research to find the best spots to vacation in the U.S. post-pandemic.

Some of the popular places you can visit are

  • The Statue of Liberty in New York,
  • Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco,
  •  The Grand Canyon,
  • Houston, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Miami, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

So, Where Should You Go?

Here is a list that will help you know how to plan your next vacation.

Las Vegas, Nevada:

Forthe party lovers, here is all you need to visit. Book a ticket to Vegas, join more of the tourists coming, and enjoy the stunning lights during the night coloring the streets of Las Vegas.

Grand Canyon:

For nature lovers, this is the best site to have a look at. Hike and enjoy the most of this great gift of nature. Stay at the hotel in the Grand Canyon Village. What else do you need for a perfect holiday, if not Grand Canyon?


One of the best places ever for a family trip, Miami has something for everyone to enjoy. The beach with the sandy soil is the place to enjoy the breeze at the sight of the water, and club lovers can take strides into the clubs in Miami and enjoy all the fun, the cultural ones have a place to go with the Miami Museum.

Key West:

For a small island, there are a lot of things to do here. Many people get out on the water for kiteboarding, fishing, dolphin-watching, and scuba diving. You can also go on a historical tour where you’ll learn a thing or two.  Additionally, you can relax, chill with your friends and make the most of the colorful nightlife the island has by looking into Key West Sunset Cruise. Book nightly and weekly rentals in Key West and enjoy exploring the island.

Kooky Mecca of California

You are in Los Angeles and dreaming about the Mediterranean beaches. Stop dreaming and route your steps towards Venice Beach. The beach is often known as the Kooky Mecca of California. The Venice Beach is a must visit for the tourist, but the local people also make their way here the beach is eccentric in its variety of visitors and food. Some cafes on the beach serve the best seafood in the city. Sunbathing, swimming- Venice Beach can be your best experience ever.

Relax in Catalina Island

Another food for your soul-searching Mediterranean experience is Catalina Island. Life is beautiful here in all true senses. You can sit back and enjoy the sea while you sunbathe on the beach. When you find people driving golf carts instead of cars, you surely are on Catalina Island. This place is close to Los Angeles, but you might feel like you moved to the different country. It is because the ambiance of Catalina Island is closer to nature and appears distant from the city lights of Los Angeles.

San Francisco: 

From Alcatraz to iconic landmarks, this stunning part of the world lures nearly 1.7 million travelers each year.  Enjoy a ride on the might Golden Gate Bridge on a car. Walk or cycle across the Golden Gate bridge.

Explore the soaring 746-foot towers, the Marine Headlands, the city skyline and not to mention the glorious Pacific Ocean, which extends right into the horizon. You will fall in love watching the magnificent bridge stretching out its arms, among the most beautiful bridges in the world. You will also get many opportunities to click away.

This town also has so much to offer tonight lovers and art lovers. Once you step in here, your eyes will love the opening scenes inside this paradise.

What Do You Need To Know?

If you are planning an international trip to the U.S., you need to plan right. For all international tourists from VWP countries, you can apply for a travel visa via the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). There are a few requirements to go about it, take a quick read:

The traveler should have a legit VWP passport. You cannot apply for a group visa if traveling with family or friends. You need an individual application for every person. Also, your vacation can last for a maximum of 90 days.

The application of usa esta form also requires some documents.

  • The traveler should have a valid email.
  • Travelers need to hold a valid passport of their country (which should be a visa waiver program designated).
  • The traveler should also provide permanent home addresses and phone numbers.
  • Do not forget to write down an emergency contact phone and email.

Once the pandemic is over and you need fun back in your life, you now know where to go to. While you are at it, do not forget to maintain good hygiene and follow the social distancing rules as set by the government. Most of all, leave all the stress back home and enjoy the much-awaited vacation. But don’t forget to check your esta status right before going on the trip.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

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