Warning Signs That Your Child Suffers from a Health Issue

All parents worry about their children at all times. You want what’s best for your kids, so you want to ensure that everything is okay. Unfortunately, there are times where your child might be suffering from a health problem. Sometimes, it’s easy to spot these issues as they’re blatant. If your child has a stomach bug, it’s pretty clear to you! Still, some health problems may be harder to spot, which is why you should keep a close eye out for the signs/symptoms. As such, here are a few warning signs that your child has a health issue:

They’re not growing

Obviously, every child is different, and some are taller than others. However, if your child seems really small for their age, it could be a sign of an underlying health issue. More often than not, this is down to a lack of vitamin D and calcium. Calcium is needed to help bones grow and form, while vitamin D is required to absorb calcium. A lack of both nutrients can cause stunted growth in many kids. Of course, their lack of growth could be down to different health issues as well. For example, it may show that they have an eating disorder as they’re malnourished and not eating anything. Either way, you should see a doctor if you’re worried about their growth!

They struggle to swallow food

Speaking of eating, you should be worried if your child struggles to swallow food/drink. They can still eat, but it’s a bit of a challenge – and they can gag a lot. You may also notice that they dribble all the time, but this is because they can’t swallow saliva. Many things can cause swallowing issues, including some learning disabilities. Now, you don’t have to become a speech pathologist to recognize that this will also impact their ability to talk. The muscles involved in swallowing are also involved in speech. So, quiet children or kids with swallowing issues can develop speech disorders. For this reason, you should see a doctor or a speech pathologist upon spotting this symptom. 

They’re pale and have a lack of energy

Does your child seem a lot paler than the rest of the family? Do they seem devoid of energy all the time? Both of these things can be passed off as normal, but they might signify a health problem. Specifically, they’re a sign of anemia, which is a condition affecting the red blood cells in the body. Long story short, they don’t have enough red blood cells, which leads to them feeling tired all the time. They may also faint a lot, but this only happens in some cases. Thankfully, this can be treated with iron supplements or by increasing the iron intake in their diet. Iron helps to boost the red blood cell count and keep your child healthy. 

As a parent, it’s your job to keep an eye on your children. Look for any of these signs to ensure they’re healthy and free from any health problems. If you spot them, the best course of action is to speak to a medical professional to seek a diagnosis. From here, you can work on dealing with the symptoms and keeping your child healthy.

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