Ways To Keep Your Bladder Healthy

Urinary incontinence is fairly common as you age. Some people have incontinence right from middle age while some experience it in their teenage years too. It can have a big impact on your self-confidence if you are diagnosed with the condition. But there is no need to worry, the problem can be taken care of with medicines. Usually a doctor will prescribe Vesicare for this condition. The Vesicare price is also not very high and it will help in controlling the condition. But by following the ways mentioned below you can keep your bladder healthy and you will be rid of this condition:

Kegel exercises:

Kegel exercises or pelvic floor exercises should be done diligently. These exercises help the pelvic floor muscles and will stop the bladder leakage. You need to do these exercises consistently to get results. You will not see results in days or weeks, you need to do these exercises for months to see results, but the results will be satisfactory.

Drink water:

You should drink lots of water to improve the health of your bladder. Of the total fluids you consume in a day, more than 60 percent should be water. People with kidney problems or other diseases should confer with their doctor about the right amount of water to consume per day. But ideally a person without any serious conditions should drink at least one and half to two liters water every day.

Stop smoking:

Smoking is harmful, period. It not just harms the lungs, it harms the whole body over time. When you smoke you can have bouts of coughing and constant coughing can weaken your bladder considerably. If you stop smoking not just your bladder your whole body will be thankful for it.

Avoid heavy lifting:

Do not lift heavy items at all because heavy lifting has an impact on the pelvic floor muscles. If you have to lift heavy items then you should practice tightening of your pelvic floor muscles before lifting. Do not do exercises which involve lifting weights too.


Do moderate exercises regularly, avoid lifting heavy weights, opt for very light weights but do a lot of repetitions. Do aerobic activities regularly.

Quit alcohol and caffeine:

Though alcohol and caffeine have some good properties, it is advisable to quit drinking alcohol, caffeinated drinks, carbonated drinks etc. Quitting these will help your bladder and in the long run it will be very beneficial.


The age old practice of yoga has proved to be beneficial for people with urinary incontinence symptoms. You need to do these wonderful yoga poses regularly and over time you will find that the urinary leakage has stopped. A lot of people who have never done even one yoga pose in their lifetime have tried yoga lessons and have benefited immensely from it. Not just bladder control, people who opted for yoga were able to manage their lives better because their mental state was better when compared to their previous mental state.

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