What is your Bride Personality?

Whether you are planning an upcoming wedding or dreaming of the day you take the plunge, every girl has a certain bride personality. You may dream of flying to a destination wedding or creating a romantic celebration complete with doves and a string quartet, but whatever you envision, your ideal wedding can help understand your bride personality and be a guide for when it comes time to plan a show-stopping wedding. After all, a bride’s personality can help narrow down choices, decide on a cohesive theme, create the perfect ambience, and help avoid common hiccups along the way.

Listed below are 8 common bride personalities:

The Ambitious Bride

You may be an ambitious bride if you want to host “The best wedding ever!”. You have ambitious goals and visions that highlight your originality, aspirations, and organization skills. You strive to create a vibrant wedding with plenty of opportunities for fun. Your dress might be sexy, stylish, and backless for a little flare. You enjoy dramatic decorations, artisanal venues, and decadent food choices that make a statement. Raw food bar? Boozy cupcakes? Personalized frisbees? Your wedding has it and more.

The Conscious Bride

 Whether it is environmental, political, or a cause dear to your heart, you are passionate about the common good and won’t forsake ideals just for a party. Typically, a conscious bride’s wedding is sentimental, locally-sourced, eco-friendly, and sustainable. You will do something that is out of the box, expressive, and inspired. You might include a vegetarian or vegan option on the menu, repurpose a vintage gown, and instead of carrying traditional bouquets, your wedding party might carry rescue puppies available for adoption.

The Down-to-Earth Bride

Typically, a down-to-earth bride isn’t a trendsetter. However, you often rely on tried-and-true traditions and decorations. You ask advice from married friends and avoid controversial elements. You are stylish, great at problem solving, possess a laid back attitude, are budget conscious, flexible, include fun elements, and are organized. Often, your personality will opt for fashionable classic dresses while adding a pop of personality with accessories.

The Fairy-Tale Bride

Inspired by years of beautiful weddings (and a few princess movies), this bride personality enjoys going for all the feels and majesty a walk down the aisle can provide. Often, you prefer a beautiful gown with a long train and veil. You embrace romance, traditions, candles, and flower meanings as a rite of passage as you say “I do” to your Prince Charming. You enjoy being the princess for a day and love being the center of attention. Often, the fairy-tale bride strives to weave sentimental details throughout the wedding and reception, making sure it is a magical night to remember.

The Free-Spirit Bride

This type of bride enjoys living in the moment and will want to share her joy with everyone. Typically, you are fun loving and aren’t afraid to express your personality, ideals, and goals. The free-spirit bride can be artistic, modern, or chic. Really, anything might go here as long as you see it as an expression of love and self. You might prefer a minimalistic dress or a flowy Bohemian option instead of a classic white gown, but don’t rule out a little avant-garde or boundary pushing.

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