What makes Patek Philippe the Pinnacle of the finest watchmaking?

In the hierarchy of finest watchmaking, Patek Phillipe timepieces are top listed for the longevity and reliability of its watches. The company is known for inventing the first wristwatch. Many out-class models are introduced by Patek Phillipe. In the Competition between other luxury swiss brands, Patek Phillipe always manages a principle position. The limited number of watches are produced and available only in top stores which increases its demand. The Patek Philippe manufactures to ensure a lifetime of artistry and skill.  That is why Patek Philippe is enjoying an unrivaled reputation for years. It is not wrong to say the Patek Philippe timepiece “An Haute Horology”.

Patek Philippe was founded in 1839, with over 170 years of success, Patek Phillipe manages to keep its position in finest swiss watchmaking. With over 80 years of dedication by the stern family, a high degree of consistency is maintained in the company’s policies.

Many factors which make Patek Philippe watches so special.

  1. The Artistry

The reason because Patek is most desirable among the watch enthusiasts is that it has a touch of rich heritage in its artistry and has an upper-class watchmakers’ skill. The level of expertise in making too much detailed Patek Philippe timepiece cannot be achieved overnight. At Patek Philippe all aspects related to the finest timepiece are covered and every part of a Patek Philippe watch is assembled by hand. No shortcuts are made in manufacturing, even the parts that are overlooked by the wearer like movements are manufactured in obsessive details.

It is an art of horology and in the list of supremely elegant designs, the Calatrava, a round Patek Phillipe luxury watch is on the top. Calatrava timepieces are available in both Gold and Platinum models and has a very limited production.

  • The Scarcity

Only about 50,000 watches are produced by Patek Philippe over a year. Patek Philippe produces a lower number of watches over the year because of its detailed production. Just for a basic Patek Philippe watch it takes about nine months to be completed as all parts are hand-crafted, and for a complicated version it may take over 1 or 2 years to get the final touch. Some Patek Philippe timepieces are so rare and sought that buyers must submit a request to demonstrate that they are high caliber collectors. Patek Phillipe timepiece passes through different tests just to make sure the durability and higher precision rate. If somehow these timepieces can talk, we can expect an interesting story from them that how they are manufactured from different parts and all are handcrafted so it can shine over the wrist of the lucky person who will own a Patek Phillippe.

  • Tradition in Complications

Pate Philippe watchmakers uphold a tradition in complication and always appeared with the feature that is useful in every day. Annual calendars, World Time display, and dually shown time zones are included in these complications. Horological complications where the designer’s expertise and skill of watchmakers are tested, Patek Philippe always holds an upper hand compared to other luxury watchmakers. Patek Philippe also owns a label for the world’s most complicated timepiece for its wristwatch Grandmaster Chime. More than 18 complications are boasted on this super amazing watch, it also has a reversible case, two dials with independent movements and more than 5 patented innovations on it. On the 150th anniversary of Patek Philippe, the Caliber 89 featuring 33 complications and over seventeen thousand individual parts was introduced. Later on, Caliber 2000 with 21 complications added in the list of ‘Supercomlications’ collection. Patek Philippe charms the new generation every time with the amazing features that can’t be compared.

  • Detailed archives

Patek Philippe archives contain all the records about every Patek Philippe watch ever made to be extracted. It is worth mentioning that many high-profile personalities even royal families, celebrities, and heads of states are in these archives.

  • The Investment Value

Investing in one of Patek Philippe luxury watches is a wise choice. Patek Philippe timepieces are top-rated across the globe because they are known to hold their value. Among the highly classed luxury watches, Patek Philippe has one of the highest resell values or even appreciate as time pass. Like an original Patek Philippe Nautilus from the 1970s, retailed for less than 35,000 USD and now the trading price for it is more than 50,000 USD. In the last year, there was an upgrade seen in the curve of price-chart for Nautilus. And also, Patek Philippe Chime Ref.6300A-010 currently is the most expensive wristwatch sold at 31.19 million US dollars at auction.

Opening photo by MonacoCannes from Pixabay

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