Women in Medicine: The Top 6 Careers for Women in 2019

Trying to find a career that allows you to shine is crucial for women. Those who are wanting a new job or career field to get into usually are looking for those where they can be appreciated and treated fairly. Many job fields are becoming more appealing for women as more and more people like them enter those fields. Working in medicine has always been a place for women to shine and show their capabilities. Although there have been problems with salaries being significantly less than their male counterparts, the field is always accepting the female characteristics.

The  journey of women in medicine has led to more female medical professionals in positions of power. More and more women take on the leadership roles which in the end allow more women to be encouraged to enter male predominant fields. 

Women are seen as more empathetic and gentler which is needed for careers in medicine. This is a quality that is appreciated and is almost the reasons why the majority of nurses are women. Any position that has to do with being sensitive to the patient’s needs and being capable of handling anything that needs handling is where women shine. Women are able to complete any task that men can and are still frequently paid less.

Physician Assistant

Physician assistants are one of the most popular positions for women looking to get a career in medicine. By aiding a physician, these people must have the skills of clinical services including extreme organization. A physician assistant has to be comfortable diagnosing illnesses, counseling patients, and perform physical exams. They enhance the care that patients get when they enter clinics, medical offices, and hospitals.

Though the stress level of this job is extremely high, the reward that comes with it makes the stress well worth it. From saving lives and helping those in need to the opportunities and high salaries, many women strive to become physician assistants.

Finding a job in this career field  is one of the easiest due to the number of physicians needed across the nation. You will see a physician assistant more often than an actual physician due to the increase in medical need. Education requirements are extended to a master’s degree and there are several programs that are available across the country. These programs are extremely competitive and must have the completion of basic sciences. 

Median salary: $104, 860


Any field of medicine comes with difficulties for women, especially ones that regard salary and fairness. Women in dentistry are becoming more prominent as they have fewer worries about what others think. Women, for the last few decades, have been entering the field of dentistry and those that didn’t like it let it be known. This field is a great fit for women because of how they interact and pay attention to their patients.

There is a nurturing nature that women have that makes them more likable than their male counterparts in dentistry and are often rated higher. In dentistry, you have more flexibility with time and often have more hours to handle other things that like taking care of families, homes, and communities. Women are pushing men out of this field slowly but surely. Starting your own practice is greatly rewarding in the end. 

Median salary: $151,440

Nurse Anesthetist

A nurse anesthetist has the knowledge of many different types of drugs and inhaled gasses that are usually administered anesthesia to patients. This procedure is usually done before surgeries so there is less pain caused to the patient. A nurse anesthetist is a registered nurse that has an education focused on anesthesiology. 

If you enjoy helping patients and other medical professionals this career choice may fit you. This position is needed in medical centers, hospitals, and emergency offices. They are needed in the military as well. You must be able to prepare equipment and administer anesthesia safely. These jobs can be difficult to get into because of the risks it entails. 

Median salary: $165,120


Working with children is one of the first things people think when they think about women in medicine. Women are nurturing and have the capability to handle and interact with a patient with just enough sympathy and seriousness to make them feel comfortable and taken care of. 

You must have the understand and have concern for the emotional and physical wellness of children. Many people who hold this type of job usually decided upon it because of their liking for children and that there is more possible preventative care that can be given to children whose diseases are not self-inflicted. There is a lot of time spent with parents and families in general. You must have a certain amount of sensitivity to prevail in this career. 

Median salary: $174,650

Nurse Practitioner

There isn’t much work-life balance available for those in this field due to the demand and required hours working. The salaries are paid well and though there may be some differences in pay between male and female, the overall reward of treating illnesses and saving lives is worth it. 

Median salary: $103,880

Obstetrician and gynecologist

Women are in great demand by patients in need of specific female care. The careers that deal with other women issues and illnesses are ideal for women as they are more relatable. Interactions between a female patient and a female medical professional lead to better treatment and patient satisfaction. 

Both of these occupations bring new lives into the world and help and advise the care given to women’s reproductive health systems. Obstetricians work on the more surgical side of things while gynecologists focus more on medicine dealing with women’s health. You cannot be an obstetrician without being a gynecologist but you can most definitely obtain a career as a gynecologist and not aspire to be or be required to take on the role of an obstetrician. 

Median salary: 208,000

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