Kitchen Shortcuts Make Life Easier

Many of us are spending more time cooking and serving meals.  There are some time savers that can help with everyday food and drink preparation.  These are especially good for people on the go. Check out some top tips. 

Cast Iron Cookery – This cookware has been prized for a long time for its versatility and durability.  Pieces can be used on the stovetop, in the oven and on the grill, and pans take very little care.  It’s easy to whip up a frittata or prepare roasted chicken in cast iron. 

No blender, no problem – If you want to make a quick smoothie, use a kitchen whisk.  It’s easier to clean and much neater than a blender.  Whisk together ingredients that are smooth like yogurt and honey.  Fine textured ingredients like granola can be easily blended into a smoothie with a whisk. 

Stirred not shaken – Cocktail recipes often recommend that you use a cocktail shaker.  The same results can be accomplished by pouring ingredients over cubed or crushed ice and stirring.  They include simple ones with sodas or juices as a mixer.  

Chill some glasses – You know what it’s like when you run out of ice cubes or forget to put the beer or lemonade in the fridge.  Have some glasses in the freezer to quickly chill your favorite beverages. It’s also a quick way to bring white and rose wines to a nice temperature.

Use parchment for roasting and baking – Cleaning up after oven baking and roasting can be difficult.  Use sheets of parchment to line your cookware for cookies, cakes, seafood, poultry and even noodle dishes. 

Freezer Friendly – In busy times, the freezer is your best friend.  Consider doubling your recipe and freeze half of it after it is cooked. Enjoy another meal of spaghetti and meatballs or chicken and rice without having to prepare it again. You’ll welcome a quick defrost on a busy day.  

Pack in Advance – Whether it’s a picnic, school snacks, or a work lunch, don’t try to pack food when you’re almoststepping out the door.  Fill water bottles, snack containers, and cut your fruit and veggies in advance. Keep a dedicated area in your refrigerator and kitchen cabinet for items that are ready “to-go.” 

Baking Soda for Cleaning – Now that you’ve been cooking for a while, stove and counter surfaces can have stubborn grease spills.  Simply make a paste of baking soda and water, put it on the area to be cleaned, let it sit for a short while, and wipe it away with a slightly damp cloth.  Not only will the area be cleaner, but the baking soda doesn’t scratch surfaces.
We hope these suggestions help Woman Around Town readers keep their kitchens neat and organized so they can relax and enjoy meal preparation.  Happy eating!

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