Top Chef’s Favorite Meals – Are They Yours?

There’s no end to the dining delights available in New York City and the talent in restaurant’s kitchens couldn’t be better. After all, NYC is one of the great culinary centers of the world.  Do you ever wonder what top chefs like to eat when they are not creating delectable dishes. We had the chance to find out and you may be surprised!

Chef Michael Lomonaco of Porter House on Columbus Circle: “My favorite meal is one I can share with people I love and care most about. “

Website: Porter House

Chef, Vilfrid Hodoj of Duomo 51 in Midtown: “I am an all-time pasta lover. My favorite pasta is Penne Arrabiata.”

Website: Duomo 51

Chef/Owner Yuu Shimano of Restaurant Yuu in Brooklyn: “If I have to pick a favorite meal it would be Japanese white rice; but I do enjoy traditional French cuisine the most. However, this doesn’t take into account that when I travel, I love and respect the local food scene and their comfort food.”

Website: Restaurant YUU

Chef Vincent Cortese of bar56 in Dumbo: “Rigatoni alla Amatriciana is my favorite meal to cook for myself, my friends, and my family. It’s simple, delicious with a ton of flavor, and rooted in tradition.”

Website: bar56 in Dumbo  

Chef Phil Choy of Sagaponack in the Flatiron: “I have a deep affinity for a couple of dishes, Jajang Myun and JJambbong, which are traditional Chinese-Korean delights. Jajang Myun features a rich brown sauce and an array of assorted ingredients, creating a harmonious blend of flavors. JJambbong, on the other hand, is a spicy seafood soup that is typically found in restaurants serving Jajang Myun. Both these dishes are constant cravings for me.”

Website: Sagaponack  

Chef Chung Chow of noreetuh in the East Village: “As much as I enjoy a well-prepared tasting menu at 3 Michelin star restaurants, I prefer the lighter flavors and delicate approach of Japanese cuisine. One such meal was at Shuko in New York City, where Chef Nick Kim showcases his skill in sushi and other Japanese dishes.”

Website: Noreetuh

Chef Daniel Mendoza, the Culinary Director of Caliza NYC in TriBeCa: “My favorite meal is the Enchiladas my mom would make. Pork belly is my favorite thing to eat!”

Website: Caliza

Chef Sylvain Aubry of Jams at 1 Hotel Central Park in Midtown: “To this day, my favorite dish is a warm, home-cooked meal. Pork roast with prunes, or roasted chicken with potatoes are the kinds of meals that remind me of my childhood and Sunday family dinners. Simple dishes are always the best.”

Website: 1 Hotel Central Park

Chef Max Natmessnig of  Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare in Hudson Yards: “My favorite meal is when my wife makes her tacos at home. She grew up in Tucson so had a lot of exposure to great Mexican food.”

Website: Brooklyn Fare

Chef Marco Prins of Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare in Hudson Yards: “I had many amazing meals in life, but my Mom makes best baked potatoes, something very simple but always perfectly executed and with a lot of love. I also ate at restaurant T Zilte in Antwerp, Belgium with one of my old mentors, chef Viki Geunnes and it was an outstanding meal!”

Website: Brooklyn Fare

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