10 Best Reasons NOT To Exercise In 2024

Let’s face it.  You don’t really need to exercise do you? Or do you?  Let’s explore the ten best reasons not to exercise in the New Year 2024.  Likely some of these reasons will fit you!

  1. It’s too cold outside to take a walk.

Likely you have some masks around after Covid. They protect the airways when it is cold outside and make weather more tolerable.

  1. I can’t keep up with the classes at my health club.

Look for a program for your age group and listen to your body as well as the instructor.  A good instructor gives options with each exercise for different levels.

  1. I can’t afford a personal trainer.

No trainer, no problem. Take advantage of articles and videos that give instruction and create your own best program.

  1. My knees and feet hurt whenever I exercise.

When you feel pain when exercising, you are likely going too far or not doing the exercise correctly. Be active but informed and know your limits.

  1. I get dizzy from all the motion.

This is very common. Know where to focus and avoid quick turns of the head.

  1. Recommendations for steps are always changing. I can’t keep up with the latest ones. 

Walking is considered a preferred exercise for many people young and old. No need to meet a recommendation. Develop your own best program. Each time you walk go a little further. 

  1. I don’t want to exercise alone.

Classes help but recruiting a friend or a significant other is another way to get fit and help someone else achieve some exercise goals.

  1. I don’t like being sore after exercising. 

Some muscular soreness is normal but pain is not. Be sure you always do some warming up before exercise and cooling down afterwards. Plan a warm shower or bath to relax sore muscles.

  1. I’m too busy to exercise.

We all are! You can spare 20 minutes a day for a healthy routine.

  1. I am self conscious in sportswear.

Try many different styles and remember that no one is judging your gym apparel, so just choose comfort and maybe a favorite color!

Writer’s Note:  I had the pleasure of teaching exercise over 30 years ago. I returned to classes in the last six months finding options for older men and women. I did not think I could get stronger or more fit at age 68, but it is happening. While these tips are by no means professional ones, I hope they are helpful!

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