Capricorn Season: Reclaim Your Sovereignty

I am ready to commit. I move with confidence, strength, and wisdom. I remain open to all unexpected possibilities on my journey.

After the Sagittarius season of exploration and expansion, we need a period of contraction. We must ground our discoveries! Capricorn season (December 22-January 21) invites us to structure our lives, find our vocations, and get to work cultivating something of lasting value to ourselves and to others.

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign, initiating long-term plans. While this sign is very pragmatic and logical, it is just as intuitive and creative; being able to find unique ways to utilize resources or unmarked paths.

This Earth sign gets its name and symbol from the constellation Capricornus, the Sea-goat. In this Greek myth, the God Pan was transformed into a half-goat, half-fish creature when he dived into the Nile River to escape the giant Typhon. “At this same time, they say, Pan cast himself into the river, making the lower part of his body a fish, and the rest a goat, and thus escaped from Typhon. Jove [Zeus], admiring his shrewdness, put his likeness among the constellations (Pseudo-Hyginus, Astronomica 2. 28).”

Thus the Sea-Goat can dive into the deepest waters and climb to the highest peaks. From scaling the rocky structures to foraging at the ocean floor, only the Sea-Goat themselves will know their path, motivation, and journey’s end. From the outside, they may seem lost or stranded, but be assured they are not! Because of outsider misunderstanding and distrust of the Sea-Goat’s complex and unusual nature, they are solo creatures. They are interested in only what will help them reach their mountain peak of choice, and not overly concerned with what won’t.

This makes Capricorn energy stable, reliable, and reputable in their own ambition and sense of self. We can all harness the disciplined Sea-Goat’s energy as we forge our own unique paths.

With the New Moon in Capricorn (December 23) we begin to reclaim our sovereignty and connection with our inner authority.

Our inner authority is the wisdom and energy that provides us with discipline, stamina, and intuitiveness to set and reach long-term goals. This authority is grounding and demanding as it pushes us to create strong self-awareness and self-actualization. It allows us to dive deep, climb high, and bury roots. It has the power and stamina to overcome obstacles against all odds. Remember, like the Sea-Goat’s solo journey up the mountain peak, these goals must be for ourselves, not others, or else we risk being lost on a path paved by someone else.

During this New Moon, you may release, refocus, and reset your inner authority’s intentions. Ask yourself: What mental, emotional, and physical resources do I need in my journey of self-discovery? What will I do when I find myself in uncharted land or stormy seas?

Let’s return now to the Earth. At the start of Winter, when nature seems lifeless, deep underground stirs the mushrooms and fungi— consuming and gaining energy from all that has fallen. Literally using the decaying world to create new life. Though it does not seem so, the Earth is fertile and full of new possibilities.

Mushrooms embody Capricorn energy— the deeply physical, persistent power to create complex, unique, and bountiful possibilities on their own terms and in their own way. Socio-culture author Michael Pollan laments, “Fungi constitute the most poorly understood and the underappreciated kingdom of life on Earth.” In fact, Mushrooms are somewhere between a vegetable and an animal; masters of life and death— parallel to the Sea-Goat, a master of Water and Earth.

As a metaphor mushrooms are transformative— bringing undead life to the Earth. Deep, under the dirt they stir, transforming to bloom. Now in the darkness and cold of Capricorn’s winter, we too can work quietly, privately, and beneath the surface trusting our own nature to create plentiful possibilities.

This season also begins the final stages of Saturn in Aquarius moving to Pisces (March 23)— one of the most impactful movements of this Astrological each as it only shifts every 7 years. Capricorn, too, is ruled by Saturn, the Taskmaster; here it influences our habits, responsibilities, and boundaries.

Saturn is the slowest planet in the traditional solar system. Like Capricorn, Saturn knows the wisdom and advantages of steady, hard work to reach long-term goals and transformations. We are reminded to use time and conserve energy to our advantage. Appreciate the gift of time! Life is not a race.

Saturn’s rings also exemplify boundaries— physical, emotional, and spiritual. Having a steady devotion to our inner authority allows us to develop boundaries, values, and personal rules of engagement that ensure we give our energy to only things that align with us. For example, if we uphold our personal values and boundaries not to argue with strangers when they upset us, we conserve that energy for ourselves to use in a more positive manner.

As we learn to advocate for our values, emotions, and boundaries we create a deeper and stronger sense of wisdom, pride, and self-respect to guide us through life.

The Full Moon in Cancer (January 6) guides our intentions to wholeness. It reminds us even in a solitary journey we are not alone; there is always divine and inner wisdom with us.

Opposite of Capricorn is the Water sign Cancer— emotionally vulnerable, intimately expressive, and surrendering to the flow of the tides. This Full Moon’s energy brings fragility and sensitiveness.

Capricorn’s vices can be rigid, overly skeptical, and critical. Their solo nature can make them reclusive, remote, or closed-off. They can be overly sacrificing to reach their goals; evening dismissing the needs and values of others. Oftentimes Capricorns do not seek comfort from others or through outward expression; instead, they may dive deep into emotional ruminations or overthinking.

The waves of Cancer call the Sea-Goat up from the depths, inviting them to open up and embody their emotionality. This Full Moon is a great time to seek out those who you feel are on a similar journey, have a familiar mindset, or share the same values as you. Find comfort and vulnerability with those who share in your personal code and authority.

In doing so you will be reminded that no matter how unsettling, unexpected, or offbeat your path may be, there are others who have surely taken those steps at some point too. Or are willing to climb them besides you.

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