Cull Your Closet

Come on! There are things in there you haven’t worn in years. You’ll never have more time to empty, examine, try on and pack-up for a friend, charity, or thrift shop. Many of you are alone and can spread clothes all over the apartment in piles. (Stay clear of a Facetime camera.)

Anything you haven’t worn in two spring/summers gets given away unless it’s a high fashion label (in good condition) for which you can get money. Think lifestyle, comfort, what’s flattering.

 Anything that doesn’t fit is either brought to a tailor to take in or given away. Be real, you were a different shape and likely slimmer. If we could lose weight where we wanted…You may no longer be wearing the high heels that required longer pant length.

Enormous shoulder pads and micro-minis are not coming back. Unless your daughter wants these items or you celebrate Halloween, out they go. Your closet shouldn’t look like a costume shop unless you’re a performer or theatrical producer.

If you own formal/cocktail clothes you no longer wear, consider donating them to a young performer.

You’re not as young as you were. It’s not so much a matter of appropriate, as one of that which looks well. What’s skin tight should instead skim. Midriff exposure requires a flat stomach. Outsized patterns and blaring colors are best sported by youth (if, then). Too many frills drown one.

SOME things can be repurposed. A coat might be made into a jacket, a jacket could become a vest; necklines, sleeves, and hems are malleable. If the fabric is great and there’s something about the shape.

Check everything for stains, moth holes, fraying, tears, fading, stretched out elastic, missing buttons, snaps, hooks.

Put on some music or a movie and iron. Taking something out of a cramped closet (we all have them) that looks like a crumpled handkerchief becomes an issue. Try ordering hangers that hold several like items in a column to save space. This can also be achieved with belt/scarf/bag racks.

Store clean wool and cashmere things with moth sachets. No kidding. There are endless variations of containers online. If it’s dirty, it becomes free lunch.

You should end up with a less overstuffed closet and several labeled bags. Hope springs eternal.

Photo | Bigstock