Dating Site Advice – For Men!

Any woman who’s had the experience will relate to this column, but we’re preaching to the choir here. Share with your brothers, nephews, friends, uncles…

If there’s no photo, you might be Quasimodo.

If we can’t see your face in a dark or distant photo, you might be Quasimodo.  

Posting ONLY a photo with no information presumes untenable ego.

There’s no sin to admitting “a few extra pounds.” We’re not as concerned with packaging as men and, in fact, might feel more comfortable.

A hat implies you’re bald, not cool. Sunglasses hide don’t enhance. Women only go for masked men in literature.

Using a younger shot with your headline and a recent one in the “gallery” shows lack of confidence.

Grimaces/frowns don’t work for anyone. (There are an amazing number of these.)

To state you’re looking for a woman from 20-80 and/or from 10-300 miles away doesn’t indicate a welcome nature, it shows lack of judgment. (Lots of these too.)

While you may have a great body, declaring it is a turn-off.

Running photos with a trophy car, house, motorcycle, or boat, promotes the assumption you’re looking for the same in a woman. You probably know that.

Those who are separated and advertise that fact will garner responses from women who are not looking for anything long term. You probably know that, too.

If you stipulate a woman’s financial independence, you’ll lose her before you start, especially if she fits the bill.

“Pretty” is a lazy adjective.

Quoting Hallmark, i.e. walks on the beach, is a non-starter unless you live on a beach.

When a phone call isn’t working or a date goes south, say thanks, we’re not really a match. Don’t say you’ll call tomorrow. Be a grownup.

Make a woman laugh and you’re half way there.