Fabio Mancini – “Armani Icon” – A Combination of Charm and Humility

Fabio Mancini was born in Bad Homburg Vor der Hohe on August 11, 1987. Son of an Indian mother and Italian father, Mancini is an Italian fashion super model, internationally known as the “Armani Icon.”

Raised in Italy and discovered by chance in the city of Milan, Mancini  has been recognized since 2014 by the fashion industry as one of the 25 sexiest fashion models in the world.

He has appeared on King George’s (Giorgio Armani) runway for 16 consecutive seasons and has been featured in advertising testimonials seven consecutive times. He has also worked for Dolce & Gabbana, Ermanno Scervino, Vivienne Westwood and many other designers. He’s been featured in magazines such as l’Officiel, Hachi Magazine, Harper’s Bazar, Esquire, Men’s Health and Vogue.

With more than 166,000 Instagram followers, Mancini is a beloved by his fans, always finding time to respond to each and every comment.

Recently, Mancini was interviewed by Federica di Cintio.

Your modeling career began six years ago when you were noticed while walking in downtown Milan. Can you tell us the  memory of that day?

Honestly, it was just by chance that I started my career in the fashion industry. I didn’t even wish to be a model. My life was so complicated at that time, due to some family issues that [modeling] wasn’t in my mind. I was struggling each and every day to make it to the end of the month, so any kind of job was actually ok with me.

Then one day, while I was walking in Milan, my hometown, looking for a job, a modeling agent stopped me and asked if I was a mode.l He also said I would have been perfect to model. I can remember that it happened just close to the Milan fashion week and he said I should meet Mr. Giorgio Armani. I didn’t pass through a regular casting. My career jump start was straight at the Armani’s show, the world’s biggest catwalk.

How was your first meeting with Mr. Armani?

It was such an exciting experience. I’d describe it as a combination of astonishment and disbelief. I was completely shocked and most of all modelling wasn’t on my list at that time. I had too many things to care about. I was disillusioned and incapable of dreaming about such a great thing in my life.

But Mr. Giorgio Armani made in feel like it was something more concrete than ever and he gave me all of his support.

Before that day, have you ever thought you had the requirements to become a model?

Not at all.

I can remember that I’ve been told several times by many to try a modeling career, but… I’ve never thought to be on the cover of magazines. Those handsome guys were just out of my reach.

And I [still think of myself] as a simple and normal guy with my strengths and weaknesses,  like any other guy out there.

How did you come to learn modeling overnight?

It’s not that complicated. It’s all about capturing and interpreting what the  designers want to forward with their collections.

No doubt about it, you are a record model: chosen by Mr. Armani for sixteen consecutive seasons and testimonial of seven consecutive campaigns. How does it feel to be the ambassador of the Italian fashion industry?

I feel proud about it and I love to be the ambassador of my country because I love showing what my country has to offer.  And I also think to embody the Italian spirit.

You’ve been named one of  the 25 sexiest fashion models on earth and you’re one of the most recognizable models in the world.  How do you feel about that status? 

I’m humble and I love my family, that’s it.

Modeling is my passion, but the real Fabio is a simple guy connected with his roots and his family.

I’ve spent five year of my life in Germany to finally come back to Italy. Myself, I’m full of southern Italian traditions, spiced up with the deepest Indian values that I’ve learned from my mother, above all equality  to all the humans and love for the people. I think that love can overcome anything and, such as it happens in fashion, it takes a lot of passion.

In some ways I’m away from the fashion system: I don’t love to take part in the events, disco life, and similar things. This job takes a lot of time and I need to spend my spare time with friends, family, and people that can appreciate what I am regardless of being a public figure.

You’ve been recently captured by iconic italian photographer, Gian Paolo Barbieri. Tell us something about this work.

Being captured by Gian Paolo Barbier is something that I consider one of my most remarkable goals. He has shot artists like Audrey Hepburn, Monica Bellucci, and many others. An incredible, humble, kind and sensitive man who had the capability to shortly grasp my essence like no other has never done before.

How important is a photographer for a model?

It’s very important.

It’s all about creating a feeling that is quite a difficult thing to do.

What makes a great shoot is not just about capturing the perfect light; it’s about having a deep sensibility first.

Behind your success and your fame, there is a lot of hard work. How do you handle the demands of your career? 

I’m a professional so I live my job the way it’s meant to be.

If I have an early morning shoot, I go to bed early or if I have a shoot for underwear, I don’t eat too much. I’m quite strict about myself without giving up on a sushi with my friends.

There are pros and cons the way it is for any other job, but this is a job made of highs and lows but you don’t have to give up. This is the reason why it’s emotionally challenging. And maybe when you have the feeling that nothing is moving, the success is right around the corner.

Is cinema in your future plans?

No, it isn’t at the present moment.

I only dream about a family, a woman to love and to be loved back and a lot of children.

Maybe something out of ordinary for somebody like me, but I really believe in these values that are not to be missed.

I want to thank WAT for giving me this special opportunity. Unfortunately, it is exactly this that is lacking in today’s world – Gratitude.

Photo: Opening photo of Giorgio Armani by Bigstock; (first in text) by Alessandro Manzi on wikimedia; All other photos: selfies used by permission of Fabio Mancini

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