How to Start Your Own Business Even If You Don’t Know How – Part 10

Chapter 10 – Launch

When you’re ready to launch your business, you should celebrate.

Mark the occasion, even if it’s simply with take-out. Get used to recognizing milestones, and do this for others who work for you.

Now there are obviously many details to look after along this journey, and once you’re open it only becomes more complex.

You will need to be passionate, but also willing to learn if you want even a chance to succeed. Your ability to be flexible, and to meet each situation with fresh eyes, will be your greatest assets.

Here are some tips for successfully growing your business.

  • Think about your customer’s needs with every decision you make. Look at customer behavior with ? or even without data.
  • Learn how to build a network of systems ? not just people ? you can rely on. Make sure your efforts convert into sales by seeing each section of your business as a system to be enhanced.
  • Even if you have zero marketing budget, collect data from day one. It’s easy to do with a little creativity and you cannot have enough of it. What data? Well it depends, but I’d start off with a list of customers’ names, emails and phone numbers. Then begin to ask yourself what information would help you sell more?
  • Get a mentor. Find someone to check in with when times are hard, because it happens. Who can you be totally honest with and still come away with great business advice? Who can help you discover your path?
  • Get really good at networking and creating relationships. When you start out every little bit of help is needed…
  • But be careful not to rely on your network, because to sustain you’ll need to grow beyond your comfort zone.
  • Always remember, nobody knows everything, especially me. If you find yourself doing something different than my suggestions, go for it. I write about this topic because some people just need a little nudge to start considering themselves business owners, instead of employees.

Once you up and running, treat your business like an extension of you, your values, and your beliefs. Stand behind it 100% and people will pay attention. When they do, step up and shine.

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