Morning Motivations: Find the Funny – Reasons to Laugh!

Some of us are really good at telling jokes. Some of us aren’t. We start telling a joke and forget the punchline. You may feel intimidated about telling a joke or funny story because you think people won’t laugh. Like everyone else, I love to laugh. Laughter makes us feel good. It warms our hearts and fills our body with love. 

Today, I want to remind everyone how great we can feel after we’ve all had a good laugh!


  • Laughter offers us an escape from the difficult parts of life. When you laugh, life’s hurdles don’t seem so daunting, and you reduce your stress.
  • Laughter is free! It can be unexpected! It’s fun!
  • Laughter creates connections and bonds between people, brings us closer.
  • A joke or humor helps us put even the worst day in perspective.
  • Laughter not only brightens our mood in the moment, it brightens our day!
  • Laughing feels good every time. It lets us live in the moment, and can give us a sense of relief in even a difficult moment.
  • Laughter lightens our burdens, makes our day and lives feel more hopeful.

Because of the pandemic we’re taking life very seriously, as we should, but we’re also laughing less. It’s important to remind ourselves that even in difficult times we should find joy and laugh.

Lisa Bien is a motivational speaker and coach whose column appears twice a month on Woman Around Town. For more information on Lisa, go to her website.

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