Morning Motivations: Tips for Dating after the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic created a massive upheaval in all of our lives, and many of us have ambivalence about getting back out and back to normal. 

That includes people who put dating aside. The thought of returning to the dating scene may feel scary. Dating could be hard even before the pandemic, and now people are out of practice at being social and dating. There’s even a new term for it – FODA – Fear of Dating Again. 

If you’re nervous about getting back out there, here are some tips.

Check in with Yourself – Are You Really Ready? 

  • Are you your best self? 
  • Why do you want to get back out there? 
    • Do you want to date for you, or because your friends and family are telling you that it’s time to date? 
    • Remember, there’s no reason to rush. If you’re not ready, wait until you are ready.
    • You can return to being social without dating, if that’s more comfortable.

If you ARE Ready, Make a Sincere Effort. 

  • Take your time and think about what you are looking for in a partner.
    • Make a list – know what you want. 
    • What qualities are you looking for? 
    • Just a date? A relationship? A fling?
  • Commit to dating and take it seriously. 

Dating is an Opportunity to Connect with Another Person – It’s Not a Job Interview. 

  • Be curious. Ask questions.
  • Think about what makes you interesting? 
  • Hobbies? What excites you in life? 
  • Share about life during the pandemic. 

Be Mindful of the Dating Landscape. 

  • Decide which dating tools you want to use:
    • Apps – free vs. paid. 
  • Revisit your social media- people will absolutely look you up before they meet you.
  • Create an affirmation.

It’s Okay to Be Nervous. 

  • Remember it’s okay to be nervous, it means you care. 
  • You are not the only one who is nervous. 
  • It’s okay to admit that you are nervous. 

Finally, Have Fun!

  • Dating isn’t a chore!
  • Even if your date isn’t your match, you can still make a new friend!

Lisa Bien is a motivational speaker and coach whose column appears twice a month on Woman Around Town. For more information on Lisa, go to her website.

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