On the Edge, Overlooking Hudson Yards

I gulped when I looked up at the Edge, the clever name for the oh-so-tall observation deck at 30 Hudson Yards, a new attraction that makes one wonder how far these city adventures will go for the thrill. This brand new 28-acre neighborhood between Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen known as Hudson Yards is chock full of things to do, whether browsing its over 100 stores, resting in its 14 acres of public areas, courtyard, or waterfront park, but high above this major draw for tourists and day trippers is the 1,131-foot-tall building with the overhang for guests to feel like they’re floating above the city. It’s literally “the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere.”

City Climb – The Apex lean out – Courtesy of Edge

And here I am, little scaredy cat, stepping into its large elevator, and counting the almost 60 seconds until exiting at the 100th floor.  My first thought was, “thank goodness for the see-thru glass panels” that rose up from the ledge to provide a protective barrier. These walls jut out on an angle so that if you want to sort of “lean in” over the city, you’re good. But, just to be clear, the part called, “The Edge,” is the wedge that shoots out about 80 feet from the side of the building, rewarding those who’ve made the trip with stunning panoramic views to the south and east. A theatre-type seating section allows guests to sit a spell and enjoy the view; it’s also a place for some to sit down if feeling a bit woozy from the height.  Since there’s no time limit, and no one is going to start shooing you away, you’re invited to stay as long as you like. 

Edge – Outdoor sky deck – Courtesy of Related-Oxford

If your sense of adventure hasn’t been satisfied yet, there’s a triangle-shaped glass floor that gives you the feeling that there’s nothing between you and the street. As I got up my gumption to step across it, I was glad to see the staff member standing on a tiny corner of it as if to say, “Hey, it’s safe!” Some guests sat on top of it, some actually laid down on it. It took me a few deep breaths to just step over the glass quickly and I was glad to step back onto solid ground again. If one needs a boost to their courage or a reward after, a Champagne bar complete with snacks is located nearby. 

But the adventure is just beginning, as if this isn’t enough. Looking up from this sky-high observation deck is the City Climb where those brave ones among us can scale the outside of the skyscraper, then lean out with the assistance of body harnesses to literally hang over the side and get a view that maybe Superman would’ve had. From my spot below them, and having just walked over a glass floor, my sense of adventure had been fulfilled, and I was content. My only regret?  Arriving too early for the sunset, and not being on the Edge to see the city lights turn on. Next time.  

Once the thrill of the view is enjoyed, stay for dinner at their signature bar and grab a souvie at the gift shop. If you have a big event coming up, there’s an event space available. 

The Edge is located at 30 Hudson Yards.  

Visit The Edge for tickets and schedule.

The experience is suitable for all ages. 

The average length of time is 45 minutes to an hour. 

Top photo: Edge at Sunset – Courtesy of Related-Oxford

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