One Night at the Roxbury (Motel)

No, not the movie, but a much grander, and a totally out of this world experience. The Roxbury Motel. It’s the boutique resort in Delaware County in the picturesque Catskills, known for world-class skiing and hiking – and for the past fourteen years, for an escapism getaway.  The drive along Route 28 (that is if you’re driving from I-87’s Kingston exit) is serene, rural, and as you pass through the mountains and vistas, one wonders “How big IS this state of New York, anyway?” 

Arriving after sunset, The Roxbury Motel is lit up like a rainbow, with lime green its signature color. This award-winning lodge has been steadily growing a devoted fan base who return again and again for the fun and whimsy of TV, cartoon or film-themed rooms from the 60s and 70s, to chill in the spa, or spend time in nature. The welcoming and informed staff will either steer guests to local adventures, or leave them alone at the gas-fueled fire pit. Owners Gregory Henderson and Joseph Massa offer the whole package, and do it with such joy that to visit their motel, is to become family.  When a guest arrives for a return visit, they’re greeted by their first name, and usually with a hug.

WomanAroundTown recently visited the Roxbury to experience The Final Frontier suite, a Star Trek extravaganza. The steel grey interior of the duplex was the Enterprise. Two twirly chairs replicated the on-deck seats where Kirk and Mr. Sulu would run the ship, and go to “warp speed.” The lamps were shaped like globes, the ceiling delighted us with a shooting star light show, the walls had an outer space mural and I thought that Tribbles would emerge from the closet. With 28 rooms in all, you can stay in the Genie’s Bottle, George’s Spacepad, and The Shagadellic, for example, or the Big King rooms with themes like Tony’s Dancefloor, The Wizard’s Emeralds, and, Maryann’s Coconut Cream PieThe Archeologist’s Digs is a stand-alone cottage donned with an Indiana Jones-style feel with secret passageways, lots of leather, a bullwhip, and decor from the age of hieroglyphics.  

Serendipity played a hand in the next phase of the Roxbury when, two years ago, news of a nearby home was going on the market came to the owners’ attention. Greg and Joseph already had a connection to that property since anyone using a GPS would somehow be directed to that very home, two miles away. It became such a frequent occurrence that Greg installed a sign that read, “The Roxbury – 2 miles ahead.” “I think the universe was trying to tell us something,” he says. One of the Inn’s workers told Greg about this property near Stratton Falls, and being curious, he took a tour of the property. After seeing the whole layout and the Falls, he remembers thinking, “Oh my God, how can we make this happen!”  The money was raised, the land was purchased, and in 2019 there will be new cottages themes representing the history of the area.  “Not only will The Roxbury at Stratton Falls take The Roxbury’s theme-room concept to a whole new level of whimsy, elegance and fantasy,” says Greg, “the property will also feature a 50’ waterfall, a trail system to the base of the falls, and a new spa and cabana with indoor/outdoor pool.” 

Guests always feel right at home with two stations to get coffee and snacks, plenty of board games and DVD’s to borrow, and lots of brochures in the lobby. The Roxbury Motel is also a place that gives back, both to the environment and to those less fortunate. Toiletries left in the room are sent to a company that tidies them up for distribution to communities in need. Linens and blankets that are no longer suitable for use in the rooms are either packed up in day bags for picnics, or donated to animal shelters. Plates and utensils are eco-friendly, and the coffee comes from Crop to Cup, a business in Uganda that returns a significant percentage back to the farmers. Greg lives by a few different philosophies, one is “you get back what you give,” and with the new expansion, Stratton Falls, he constantly reminds himself “to believe, and keep the faith,” and like that little engine that could, knows that if he thinks he can, he will.  

Here are some of the The Roxbury’s winter activities and special packages:

Ignite your romantic side with the Rad Romance at the Roxbury which includes couple’s massage, suggestions for a romantic dinner, Champagne and flowers in the room. Elope at the Roxbury and have your wedding on the grounds with an officiant at the ready, and where friends and family are NOT invited.

Two Fer Two Winter Ski Weekend includes two nights, two spa passes, two massages, 2 cocktails and lift tickets to Plattekill Mountain. 

Wild Winter Wow Factor Weekend includes warm-up room, hot chocolate, wine, cheese, spa passes, all to stay warm and cozy.

Visit The Roxbury Motel for more package deals and updates on the Stratton Falls addition.

Photo Credit: Roxbury Motel

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