Rethinking the American Workplace

We all have to work, and that’s not a bad thing. So why does the word itself bring up so much stress? Is it really that much of a bummer? And if it is, can we change it? What can we change?

The fact is the American workplace is changing. Businesses are measuring and rewarding value now more than ever. This is why you need to understand what makes you most productive, if you want to have any real chance at achieving it.

Businesses small and large are measuring your performance against specific goals and this brings opportunities for those with the right mindset. You must know how you are being measured and what others expect from you to be successful.

If you don’t already know what is expected of you then ask. This is always a good way to show you ‘get it’ and once you have that info, you can start to reshape your world.

If it’s sales figures they want, figure out what you need to do to achieve them. Would working different hours help? Could you use more training? Do you need to rearrange your work load?

Notice how all of these questions could be seen as opportunities if you keep your mind on achieving those sales goals.

The American workplace is evolving with industry leaders offering nutritious meals and day care as perks for high performance. The effect that has on smaller businesses means smaller changes but important nonetheless.

Here are some of the ways experts see the workplace changing over the next few years:

Flexible job titles and unique positions. Ever thought you’d make a great VP of Green Initiatives? Suggest it or a scaled-down version to a superior as something you’re passionate about. In the future unique job titles may be the norm.

Flexible hours. Need time to pick the kids up from school and willing to stay late to do so? Suggest it. If you produce many bosses won’t care and might even prefer you being happy about the time you do spend working.

Flexible workspaces. Have you thought to yourself that if you didn’t have to sit next to Larry you could get more done? Suggest a more creative office setup. Office design is changing fast and businesses are looking for more creative spaces to get the most from employees.

Everyone knows deep down what they would do if they were allowed to do their job any way they wanted. Take that idea and see which parts of it would make you more productive. Then use that to create a plan that serves the company first, as well as their own interests. This is called win-win-win and just what may be the new American workplace.

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