RiseNY –  Why New York Is The Greatest City In The World

From the founding of Manhattan through the dropping of the ball at Times Square, RiseNY is an all-encompassing thrill ride reminding all of us of the greatness of this city. The 90-minute experience is a love letter to New York with all cylinders firing and no stone left unturned. It’s a timely lesson into WHY the island is the center of the world. In one exuberating tour, guests will see that so much of our daily lives – from the lights and TV’s we turn on, to our favorite pop tunes, to Broadway — began here.  

It’s one thing to say that New York is the greatest city in the world, we now have proof.  

Sex and the City covered life and love, and fashion, in the city (Photo by MJ Hanley-Goff)

The entrance is directly underneath an enormous Liberty torch, right in the heart of Times Square.  Because guests are admitted on a timed schedule, there’s never too many in any one room, allowing space to browse and time to take photos. Of course, any lesson about Manhattan has to start with the telling of the infamous real estate deal of the 1620s and its early settlers, but from then on, it’s wow time. 

The picture of the “Wall of Radio” showcases the big names of Radio through the years. Who remembers Cousin Brucie? (Photo by MJ Hanley-Goff)

Did you know, by the way, that the invention of the “tesla” coil by Nicola Tesla in 1892 ushered in the invention of the radio and television, which lead to the city becoming the center of the broadcasting industry? 

Ralph Kramden’s kitchen from The Honeymooners (Photo courtesy of RiseNY, credit:Jeremy Daniel)

And that New York life shaped much of our entertainment from The Honeymooners to Seinfeld, from All in the Family to Sex in the City. On display is the Ralph Kramden kitchen, Kramer’s shirt, Sarah Jessica Parker’s pink ballet outfit, and the set of The Tonight Show.  

Guests can experience a virtual subway train ride, with bumps and brake squeals, to Astor Place, one of the first subway stations built in 1904. Then watch an immersive Ric Burns film with Jeff Goldblum’s narration and learn how the Times Square area became such a busy pedestrian intersection that it was coined the “crossroads of the world.”

Salute to Broadway, with Aladdin and The Lion King (Photo by MJ Hanley-Goff)

There’s a salute to the Broadway musical, which started here, with snippets of Wicked, Lion King and Aladdin. There’s a replica of the famous Stock Exchange bell — available for ringing — and the iconic New York skyscrapers arranged in height order. There’s also info about Tin Pan Alley and the Brill Building where hits of the 50’s and 60’s were penned, and a nod to the Bronx, where HipHop and Rap began. 

A tour of New York (Photo courtesy of RiseNY, credit: Angela Cranford)

The Grand Finale: guests are securely belted in place and taken on the “first ever soaring ride over New York.” Like a drone, we’re lifted a few feet off the floor to begin an unforgettable journey across Central Park, under bridges, through the July 4th firework blasts, around the Statue of Liberty, and then hover over Yankee Stadium. Believe me, you will duck, and you will close your eyes, it’s that realistic. At one point, the temperatures cooled around us as we flew over Manhattan in a snowfall.  

There’s so much more and we don’t want to spoil all the fun. RiseNY should be a required experience for anyone who loves this city, not only for its history and all that it’s become, but to remember that none of this would have happened if not for the people who call the city home. 

Top photo courtesy of RiseNY, credit: Jeffrey Daniel

160 West 45th Street
New York, NY
(On Broadway)

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