Road Trip Survival Guide

Spring means road trips and there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy destinations near and far.  Whether you are visiting a spot in your state or navigating a further destination, there are ways to make your trip more pleasant, efficient and healthier. Here are 7 suggestions that always seem to work.

-You can’t power up with junk food. Start the trip off right by packing fruit that won’t bruise like apples and grapes along with containers of your favorite nuts. Explore the world of jerky that includes plant based and meat based varieties that travel well, are packed with protein, and require no refrigeration. 

-Know the truth about that hike. Is it really the easy trail? Even if you are an avid walker, hiking can be more challenging. Check to see if hikes have rough terrain or high elevations. Be sure to have footwear appropriate for your adventures.

-Drink lots of water. You may not get thirsty when driving or sitting in a car, but hydrating is always very important. Keep that water bottle handy even if it means a more frequent rest stops.

-Expect the unexpected. While you likely have a specific destination in mind, make extra time to stop by a historic spot or winery that may be just along the road. National Park Landmarks can be very interesting.

-Meals on the road can be challenging. If you are sitting in the car for long periods of time, likely you are not burning as many calories as usual. Pay attention to calorie counts that are commonly listed at chain restaurants and avoid overeating.

-Stretch and stretch again. If you’re feeling a little weary on the drive, pull over at a rest stop or local park and do a little stretching and walking. It’s great for your circulation and energy levels.

-Play games. Even if you’re not with children, games make travel more enjoyable. A favorite is “How much do you know” when one person challenges others with trivia knowledge.  Keep questions easy and fun. No need to score this one!

Have fun traveling this spring and summer and read Woman Around Town as we frequently cover areas that our writers have enjoyed!

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