Sagittarius Season: Faith From Within

“I am open and accept all on life’s journey. That which awakes my mind, body, and spirit to beautiful possibilities.”

Last Zodiac season, we were called to let go and open ourselves to life’s transformative magic. Lessons on grief are often the most difficult to face, but they can bring the greatest change and reward. Now we are granted these gifts.

Sagittarius Season (November 22-December 21) leads our inner meditations outwards to a time of expansion, harvest, and possibilities. This energy is generous— bringing with it optimism, acceptance, and gusto to move faithfully forward.

The final Fire sign of the Zodiac, Sagittarius is mutable, initiating change through enthusiasm and faith. Like the other Fire signs, Aries and Leo, Sagittarius is independent, expressive, and outwardly motivated; it stands out by being perhaps the most harmonious and welcoming— feeding their fire through new experiences and mutual support of others.

One way to align with Sagittarius energy is through our Solar Plexus, connected to our will and intuition. When people talk about having a “gut feeling” this is our intuition, our inner wisdom.

Being able to listen and understand our intuition can be a powerful tool. Our “gut feeling” begins forming in childhood: when we learn what is good or bad, what makes us feel safe or scared, what makes us happy or sad. Unfortunately these messages can be disrupted by trauma experiences and other hardships. For example, something small that slightly reminds us of a bad experience can trigger strong, sometimes unrealistic feelings of danger. As explained by Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. in The Body Keeps The Score, “After trauma the world is experienced with a different nervous system. The survivor’s energy now becomes focused on suppressing inner chaos… If elements of the trauma are replayed again and again, the accompanying stress hormones engrave those memories ever more deeply in the mind and body… Not being able to deeply take in what is going on around them makes it impossible to feel fully alive. Not being fully alive in the present keeps them more firmly imprisoned in the past.”

Our responsibility, especially for Sagittarius season, is to clear out these negativities and learn to understand and differentiate what is a trauma trigger, what is our true gut feeling, and what is our divine intuition.

Aiding this process is Neptune in Pisces (December 1)— the planet of intuition, dreams, and inspiration in the Water sign of Pisces, sign of transformation. Again giving us the balanced lessons of life and loss. Neptune brings us deep collective wisdom beyond our physical world.

Connect to your Solar Plexus by meditating with your dreams and intuitions; listen to the subtle feelings within you. Doing so can be an empowering practice for our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Sagittarius season invites us to trust ourselves faithfully and fully! Open yourself to the lessons you can receive through experience. Do less analyzing and overthinking— oftentimes our body and spirit can feel what is right for us before our minds can.

The New Moon in Sagittarius (November 24) provides an opportunity to let go and set intentions for outward expansion. Sagittarius energy is curious and excited to explore life’s possibilities, seeking freedom, action, and desire; always evolving from new experiences that bring self-knowledge.

Ask yourself: How do you attribute meaning to your life? This may be an answer you are all always chasing. Once you find the answer it quickly leaves you. Remember, that is okay. Do not judge yourself on your ability to answer the question, but your desire to stay curious and conscious.

This Fire sign is represented by the Centaur, aiming its arrow at truth. Astrologer Tanaaz Chubb writes, “Once the arrow has left the bow, the archer has no control over it. The arrow is free to fly, the rest is up to fate. With the understanding we have garnered, we can better aim our arrows from a state of alignment, higher purpose, and greater wisdom. We can be better prepared, so our arrows have a greater chance of hitting the target.

In the Leo article, we spoke about the wise centaur Chiron; on December 9 his namesake astrological body moves direct. Remember, Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer— its work in our life examines our wounds and pain, not to fix them, but to grow in the compassion we need to transcend and find our own unique strengths. This energy, which has been working in retrograde since July, now stations direct bringing its lessons forward and into action in our lives.

Like Chiron, we can use our hardships to guide our arrows of intuition, courage, and wisdom to greater empathy and love for ourselves and others.

The Full Moon in the Air sign Gemini (December 18) further strengthens the optimistic, creative, and dynamic spirit of Sagittarius season. Here our intentions culminate— a guiding light for our arrow to greatness.

Sagittarius energy needs space and autonomy to act. Not wanting to be restricted, they are always on the hunt for what brings them joy, pleasure, and understanding. Sagittarius tends to judge motives over action; a vice of this can mean they overlook consequences, selfish behavior, and long-term values. This tendency to rush or trust blindly can cause instability, aloofness, and even get them into well-meaning trouble.

This is why it is important to really harness the connection and understanding of your intuition— that “gut feeling.” While our gut feelings may prompt us to immediate, “Yes!”, it can also alarm us with an immediate, “No!”. When the “nos” become more frequent than the “yeses”, it can disrupt us from living an active life of exploration. As mentioned, this is also a sign our body, mind, and spirit are stuck at a point of trauma. If you feel this way, you can also seek personal, professional, or spiritual guidance.

The Full Moon reminds us to let go and move forward. Ask yourself: What is blocking me from the power of my true inner intuition and wisdom? What is stopping me from living freely?

Sagittarius season aiding by Neptune in Pisces and Chiron direct wants us to transcend! Remain curious, imaginative, and creative! Trust the processes of life. Like the Centaur’s bow, we can only control so much, soon we must release and allow our arrow to fly faithful to where it may land.

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