Tips to Think About Before You Decide to Turn in Your Resignation

During the pandemic we all reassessed our priorities, including how we felt about our jobs.

If you’ve been thinking about quitting your job, you’re not alone. People are leaving jobs at the highest rate in 20 years, for better opportunities, for more money, for more fulfilling work, and sometimes even leaving the workforce altogether.

Here are tips to consider before you decide whether or not to make a move, and if so what kind.

Number 1: Assess how much change you personally are comfortable with.

A new job might mean moving, working a different schedule, or dealing with more pressure. Before you do anything, ask yourself how your new job will affect your happiness, and how it will affect your family. 

If you’re not comfortable, don’t change jobs just for the sake of change! Who cares if everyone else is doing it, if it won’t make you happy and able to live your best life. It’s possible to have happiness and a great career and stay in the same organization for decades.

Number 2: Do your research before you make a decision!

If a new job will be in a different field, or involve responsibilities you haven’t had before, find out as much about it as you can. Reach out to people in the field and go on informational interviews. When you learn more, you may decide it’s a great opportunity. Or you may decide it’s not what you thought and it’s not for you.

Do your homework, because industries and jobs are changing fast.

The point is, learn! Talk to people in the field. Do your homework. Don’t leap until you do.

Number 3: Look Forward, don’t make snap judgments.

If you make a move and find yourself thinking you’ve made a mistake, don’t kick yourself, just look to make the most of where you are. With time you may change your mind and decide your move was a great decision.

And remember, there’s always another opportunity for you out there. Your job, even if it may not be the best job for you, can be a stepping stone to a better career, and another opportunity. 

Number 4: Stay positive!

Stay positive. It may take a while to find something better, or different. Taking your time is not a sign of failure! If one opportunity doesn’t work out, there will be another that’s right for you. So stay positive!

Lisa Bien is a motivational speaker and coach whose column appears twice a month on Woman Around Town. For more information on Lisa, go to her website.

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