Wash Your Hands!

We’ve been good – we’ve been wearing masks, keeping 6 feet apart, staying home, and washing our hands.  As the “curve” in the Northeast has flattened, we can’t let ourselves be lulled into thinking Covid-19 is gone.  It’s still here and, as other states have shown us, it will come back with a vengeance if we let down our guard. Society helps us toe the line – we wear masks in public or we aren’t allowed in the supermarket, we stay 6 feet away and are reminded by others when we don’t.  Hand washing is on us, though, and it’s easy to forget to do regularly.

We’ve become a bit lax in the handwashing department, too.  So, we’ve found some luxurious hand soaps that make washing our hands (all the time) not only something we remember to do, but that elevate handwashing to something we look forward to doing. A lot.

Fine Scottish Soap Company Sea Kelp

Truth be told, this is one of our favorite soaps. We discovered it in Dublin and the fresh scent is reminiscent of a day at the Irish seashore.  It’s like nothing we’ve come across elsewhere. 10.5 ounces $16.95

C.O. Bigelow Lemon Hand Wash – No. 1142

This soap by the almost 200 year old company creates a creamy lather that won’t dry your hands.  The scent is subtle and clean.  Also available in Bergamot for a more masculine scent. 10 Fl Oz. $14.00

Thymes – Olive Leaf Hand Wash with Pump – Hydrating Liquid Hand Soap with Natural Olive Oil

Well known for its famous Frasier Fir scent at the holidays, Thymes has created this lightly scented soap that leaves hands hydrated with glycerin and jojoba extracts. Comes in a beautiful, artisan designed pump bottle. Not just for the guest bathroom. 8.25 oz $15.00.

Molton Brown Lime & Patchouli Fine Liquid Hand Wash

A very luxurious soap by this well known English soap maker creates a creamy lather with a fresh scent that lingers. The fresh lime fragrance is perfect for the kitchen as well as the bath. 10 Fl Oz $30.00

Method Naturally Derived Odor Eliminating Kitchen Hand Wash, Lemon Grass

This is our kitchen soap and as we do much of our handwashing at the kitchen sink, it’s simply perfect. It has a light, fresh fragrance and the gel makes a rich and foamy lather.  We’d keep it in the powder room, too, but for the word “kitchen” on the bottle.  Buy the six-pack, share with friends. They will thank you. Six for $34.47