What You Need to Know About the Job Market Now

The job market is showing promise with the best statistics since 2001, according to the Labor Department. If you are looking for work or even if you have given up looking, now is the time to job search.

There were 4.7 million job openings on the last day of June, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and other signs of hope surround the report which was released on August 12. The number of openings is the most recorded in 13 years.

What does all this mean for you?

It means a few things. These jobs openings vary from region to region. The Northeast has 791,000 openings, while the Midwest, 1,044,000, the West, 1,057,000, and the South, 1,780,000. With population densities different in each of those areas it may mean there’s a better chance of landing what you want in another region. Should you relocate? That depends.

New American DreamerWhere to look.

Each region has different types of job openings. There are also other factors to consider, cost of living expenses and lifestyle, for example, all play a role. Industries like finance and education are going to be stronger in regions with urban communities while other regions might offer more manufacturing opportunities. Then there companies like Amazon which announced approximately 6,000 openings at various shipping centers all around the county. So see the big picture before renting that van.

What about the many part-time job openings out there?

If you see a part-time job for a career you like or might have a future in, take the job. These jobs are great for getting in the door and proving yourself. Remember–many times these companies are only offering you part-time until you prove your value.

Here’s the most important thing to understand about this.

These are openings that increased by 100,000 from the previous month which means more job openings are being created, but are not being filled. The reasons for this vary but one obvious one is a poorly prepared labor market.

Employers are taking their time hiring, making specific choices based on lots of data. If you want these jobs you need to meet the challenge, but learning is good and you would be surprised at how easy it is to get with the times.

  • Make sure your resume is up to snuff. Optimizing it for keywords can help a lot.
  • Sharpen your interview skills. Know what you want and know what they want.
  • Present yourself online. Understand that potential employers have Google too.
  • Learn technology. Take a course or just read–but getting even a little technical knowledge can change your career path.

This report is optimistic, so let this news drive you to look for what you want. Let’s keep an eye for the next report due out on the employment situation which is scheduled to be released on September 5.

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