Fuze’s Non-Fiction Reads to Get and Give

A well-written non-fiction book can read like a novel, keeping us turning the pages. Fuze Publishing has some terrific books on a wide-variety of topics that fulfill its mission to tell “a story with the power to educate and change minds, particularly in the areas of diversity and cross-cultural understanding.” Here are a few. Click on a book cover or title to purchase.

Entering the Blue Stone by Molly Best Tinsley

The General battles Parkinson’s; his wife manifests a bizarre dementia. Their grown children embrace what seems a solution—an upscale retirement community. Between laughter and dismay, discover what shines beneath catastrophe: family bonds, the dignity of even an unsound mind, and the endurance of the heart.

The Gift of El Tio by Larry Buchanan and Karen Gans

When a world-renowned geologist discovers an enormous deposit of silver beneath a remote Quechua village in Bolivia, he unknowingly fulfills a 450-year-old prophecy that promised a life of wealth for the villagers.

How the Winds Laughed by Addie Greene

When Addie Greene and her young husband take on the “great adventure” of circumnavigation in a 28-foot boat, a succession of catastrophes demands that Addie become the driving force in carrying them forward and safely home.

Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak by Mark Saunders

High-tech couple from Portland, Oregon, emigrates with large dog and ornery cat to San Miguel de Allende, in the middle of Mexico. Their well-intentioned cluelessness makes for mayhem and nonstop laughs.

Whose Couch Is It Anyway? by Phyllis Goldberg and Rosemary Lichtman

This fascinating book explores the impact on five different families after an adult child moves back home. Taking the beleaguered mom as their focus, Goldberg, a marriage and family therapist, and Lichtman, a psychologist, bring thirty years of clinical experience to the pressing challenges of families in flux.

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