Poet’s Corner – I Am From

I am from a life where
childhood is memory
I most often don’t describe all those years after  
I went to the George Washington University
because of an article in a magazine I read while
waiting for my mother
at Claudine’s Hair Salon
impressive women at Yale Law School
she’d gone to GW I wrote her a letter
in care of the law school she invited me
to lunch we ate on Chapel Street
in New Haven I wanted dessert
but didn’t order it was dessert
somehow unserious
how did you become you I asked
not sure who I wanted to be
long before I had a chance
to discuss this very subject
with Paid Professionals and the woman
had an answer which included,
in a prominent way, George Washington University
so I took a train to look at the school
not knowing what I was looking at how to
evaluate anything much
just walked around the streets thinking
Maybe I Could Be Happy Here.

Esther Cohen publishes a poem most days at overheardec.substack

Top photo: Bigstock