Poet’s Corner – November Day

Gather the last leaves of autumn
Peppered in yellows and painted in green shadows.
I wear a cap of sunshine
Warming the mellow November day.
Branches reach tall, holding wings resting from flight
As pink flowers still dance with bees
Defying the season.
Holly trees flourish with berries in abundance
As we walk.
Gathering tomatoes in handfuls,
The waves of the bay sparkling like stars remind me
Of planets the night before,
Reflections of Orion’s belt beneath Taurus
As skies darken with time.
I shield my eyes to see more.
Healing the soul
Deafening the noise
Reaching out across the bay
As I taste the last warm days of autumn
To collect the moments in a cup.

Artwork, Autumn Day, and Poem, November Day by Marsha Solomon

About Marsha Solomon (55 Articles)
Marsha Solomon is a New York artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums. Her poetry has been published in both American and international art and literary journals, and recently a monographic book on her work, "From Rhythm to Form" was published by Cross-Cultural Communications.