Poet’s Corner: Out of Reach

You say it’s dangerous

you say it’s too risky to be alone

            it is winter


I lay in a field

in the frost      the bridge across from me


my hand on my chest             

my skin is hot

(like desert sand)


I am not sick


I close my eyes

and can hear the lady, whistling

on the park bench, smell

the breeze, the fiery wood

I picture the crack in your ceiling

electric-blue light on your desk


I place a hand in my pocket

grab a loose thread

twist it between my fingers until it burns 

like the tip of a recently extinguished match

I unravel

silent as stone             eyes open

I whisper your name 

beneath the crest – 

ink-faded red dusk  

I listen

About Brittany DiGiacomo (8 Articles)
Britt DiGiacomo is a New York based writer who earned her MFA from Manhattanville College. Britt is certified in Digital Marketing from University of Vermont. She is the editor-in-chief and marketing director for Share Journal. Britt is the author of upcoming novel series The Pace of Nature - currently in submission for publication - and tells the tale of Lilly Difeo’s horrific school-yard accident and how it shapes her life; whether mischievous at home, or ill-behaved at boarding school, Lilly remains strong as she fights to save her identity, all while trying to break stereo types of what it means to live with a disability. More on Britt @brittdigiacomo.com & Instagram @share.journal