The New American Dreamer:
Jason Veduccio Tackles the Job Search

Whether you are seeking a new job or contemplating a job change, Jason Veduccio’s The New American Dreamer, How to Land That Ideal Job in a Nightmare Economy (WAT-AGE Publishing), can be your game changer. Veduccio’s book lays out the steps you need to take that are easy to follow and can keep you on track to reach your goal in a timely manner.

As he puts it, “Wherever you are in your career you need to be in a constant state of growing.” One of the most important points he makes is that all of us need to find our “compass.” And by that he means you need to focus on where you are in your career, where you are going in your career, and what makes you happy in your career.

He poses a series of questions to help the job seeker think about what he or she is looking for in a new role. The book also outlines some standard techniques and practices to use when searching for a job.

The New American Dreamer CoverJason does a good job of organizing and outlining key topics. For example, the section in the book on spotting job leads is particularly useful. And because they are useful, I’ve outlined them below from his book:

  • Network, network, and then network some more (Important statistic here: according to Jason, 80% of jobs are never posted.)
  • Join trade groups and other affiliated groups
  • Talk to college and alumni groups
  • Attend Job Fairs
  • Meet with Recruiters

Jason also emphasizes a point often overlooked: the importance of cover letters in the job search. Cover letters are a great way to synthesize one’s resume, outline one’s goals and thank the prospective employer for their consideration of the job seeker’s candidacy.

In a challenging economic environment — where the unemployment rate doesn’t fully capture the level of job seekers coupled with the massive underemployment in our economy — The New American Dreamer does a good job of summarizing the tried and true practices that can be helpful to anyone seeking his or her next “dream” role. Good Luck!

The New American Dreamer: How to Land That Ideal Job in a Nightmare Economy
Jason Veduccio

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