WAT-AGE Publishing Launches
With Emphasis on Excellence

Charlene Giannetti, the co-founder and editor of Woman Around Town, today announces the launch of a new book publishing venture, WAT-AGE Publishing, to work with authors whose goal is not just to publish a book, but to publish a book that is well written and edited. Giannetti, the recipient of six New York Press Club Awards for Journalism Excellence, and the author of 12 books, will work with authors to ensure a quality product. After publication, the author will be featured on the award-winning website, Woman Around Town, as well as having the book reviewed.

“I love books and have watched the transformation of the marketplace with interest,” Giannetti said. “While people look at the demise of major book sellers like Borders as an indication that books are no longer popular, what I see is that books are being published and read in different ways. We read with our electronic devices and many authors are bypassing mainstream publishers to self-publish. The rigorous editing process that exists (or, at least, used to exist) at major publishers is left out.”

Giannetti said that she hopes to make a difference with WAT-AGE Publishing. “Woman Around Town is all about good writing,” she said. “That’s what I hope to bring to book publishing, quality writing that will engage the reader and register sales.”

Jason Veduccio, whose first book, The New American Dreamer: How to Land That Dream Job in a Nightmare Economy, was just published by WAT-AGE, had this to say about his experience: “You will love working with WAT-AGE. You can stay involved while taking advantage of the professional guidance that will make your book a professional product.”

Want to talk with Charlene about your book idea?
Email her at WATExplorer@gmail.com.
For more information about WAT-AGE, go to the website  www.watagepublishing.com.