Advent Calendars

…of every kind: fabric, paper, drawers to fill, drawers with chocolate, music, decorations…Cats and Taylor Swift!

Simple Peek-a-Boo

Left: Tartan Santa Advent Calendar: Santa is dressed in a traditional holiday plaid and holds a candy cane on a string to move along until Christmas Day. 100% Polyester  Features 24 pockets to place accent on a sting leading up to Christmas day. Measures 26 in $38.40

Mischievous Christmas Cats Advent Calendar: These cats go to great lengths to get into trouble: Climbing in cupboard drawers, tottering teacups, digging through gifts, and more. Uncover new feline hijinks every day of December. With dashes of glitter, this calendar measures 16 ½”x12″. $16.95


Top (two): MarieBelle’s Chocolate Advent Calendar: Open this gilded box to find a trove full of treasures to tempt the palette. Dated for their debut, each little drawer opens to reveal miniature, bite-size delights to tease you through the 24 Days leading up to Christmas with a cast of its favorite holiday characters, each playing their version of a Christmas melody with their unique seasonal flavors. 13″ x 11.5″ x 2.2″ $125.00 Pre-order $125.00

Bottom: Super NYC Chocolate 24-Day Advent Calendar: From the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty, take a taxi or sled ride along with ice-skating animals on the quest for 24 pieces of gourmet French chocolate, one for each day counting up to Christmas. Made in the South of France with 100% cocoa butter and no palm oil, this Chocolate Advent Calendar conceals 14 different flavors of chocolate, from praline to caramelized hazelnuts. The festive calendar measures 20h x 14w x 1″d and is illustrated by Jenny Bowers. The calendar measures 20h x 14w x 1″d. $45.00


Left: Musical Advent Calendar: featuring glitter-enhanced artwork of a mansion in full festive spirit. Simply press on the old-fashioned musical scene revealed by each opening to play a lively 40-second audio snippet from one of twenty-four different Christmas carols. (Press again to stop or restart your selection.) Features international favorites including cross-cultural standards (“Jingle Bells,” “The First Noël,” “Silent Night”) as well as those less familiar to Americans (“Snow Falls Softly at Night,” “In Sweet Rejoicing,” “From Heaven Above to Earth”). 20½”x15″, features a ribbon for hanging, and includes three replaceable 1.5 volt batteries so the calendar can be enjoyed year after year. $36.95

Right: Taylor Swift – Well, ok, it doesn’t PLAY music. Christmas Advent Calendar: 24-piece gift acrylic decorations and key chain surprises Inevitable Sale $29.59

Boxes- to fill with small gifts or candy

Left: Kurt Adler 16 in. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar: The base of the tree contains 24 tiny doors each with an ornament with which you can place on the tree each day. Includes handmade angels, glass ornaments, miniature lights and hanging ceiling decorations.15.94″ H x 2.17″ W x 11.61″ Sale $60.84

Right: Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar – Wood Size: 15.6×2.8×16.5 inch/10.6×10.6×12.0 inch/16.3×16.3×3.9 inch Three different patterns to choose from. Open a new storage drawer to reveal a different Christmas-themed treat. (You fill these) Sale $78.24


Top: God’s Gift of Love Advent Calendar: This double-sided Advent calendar features the artwork of Michael Adams and has 24 numbered flaps concealing a Biblical verse about the coming of the Messiah. Children especially enjoy opening a new door each day as Christmas draws near and we approach once again the Nativity of the Lord. 17” diameter $7.95

Bottom: Milan Cathedral Advent Calendar: Unfolds to an impressive 18½”x15¾” Depicting the stunning snowy façade of the Milan Cathedral in Italy, which seats the Archbishop of Milan, the calendar has twenty-four die-cut doors. Each door opens to reveal a beautiful detail from sacred artwork. $24.99

Photo by kipgodi at iStock by Getty Images

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