Eatable Hannukah Gifts

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Happy Hanukkah Festival of Lights Basket:  A sparkly blue and silver box filled with eight treats: one for each night. A Large Chocolate Dreidel from The Sweet Tooth, Nikki’s Triple Chocolate Brownie Brittle, Nikki’s Chocolate Pretzel Mix, Nikki’s Hand-Packed Gourmet Hot Chocolate with a Chocolate Spoon, Hammon’s Chocolate Popcorn, Pistachio Cranberry Biscotti and Chocolate Gelt. KOSHER DAIRY. 

Hanukkah Decorate Cookie Kit – DIY Cookie Kit – 12 freshly baked, buttery, sweet cookies (available in gluten free as well) packaged with soft blue and white royal icing. These cookies are available in vanilla, chocolate, lemon or funfetti . Four different sprinkles added for your decorating enjoyment (sprinkles may vary in color and shape).  $43.00

Happy Hanukkah Bakery Gift Basket: assorted cookies like: chocolate chip, sugar and frosted snowflake cut-outs along with mini muffins, pecan butterballs, assorted snack size frosted cookies, a hand decorated sugar cookie, and foil wrapped chocolate coins. 41 pieces. $49.99

Hanukkah Gift Box (kosher)Top of Form: Hanukkah cookie assortment : Blue & white cookies,  Zabar’s chocolate babka, Blue & white mini lentils , Hanukkah chocolates, Dreidels, Gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins . $109.00  

Hanukkah Delights Crate is packed with white chocolate popcorn, dark & white chocolate raisins, jelly beans, jelly sticks, sugar sprinkled star cookies… Each size arrives gift wrapped in a hand crafted wood crate with ribbon. Certified Kosher. Visit for complete crate details. Medium $88.00; Large $134.00

Hanukkah Nosh Pretzel Tin Milk, dark and white chocolate covered pretzels. Contains 18 pretzels. This item is Kosher, Parve, $28.00

Not Shown: Nuttery Chanukah 7 Section Small Gift Tray Specialty Chocolate and Nuts $45.00

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Jewish Classics Dessert Pack from Ess-a-Bagel: Choose 4 desserts from the following: Chocolate Babka, Cinnamon Babka, Black and White Cookies ( approx 7-8 per pack), Bow Ties Cookies (approx 10-12 per pack), Rugulach (approx 8 per pack) $89.95

Noodle Kugel: (Jewish for “pudding”). Made with egg noodles, creamy ricotta, cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins and sour cream, this sweet side dish makes for a perfect holiday treat or Friday night dinner side dish. From a third generation New York Deli owner, Kenny & Ziggy’s. This package serves 6-8 people and includes a 9″ Noodle Kugel . $26.95 

Holiday Latkes-No peeling, no shredding: Delectable potato pancakes made by hand, fried with love, then flash frozen for shipping. Reheat (instructions included). Serve with applesauce, sour cream or smoked salmon for Chanukah heaven. 24 full-size latkes. Serves 10-12. Kosher, Parve. $62.99 

Menorah Challah:  Menorah-shaped plain challah, baked by hand exclusively for us.  Serves 8-10.  Freeze upon arrival if not going to serve within a couple of days and for optimal taste and enjoyment, this product can be re-heated prior to serving. Kosher.  Parve. $49.99

Heart challah $37.99

Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay 

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