Fabric Jewelry

Somehow lighter, less serious, in keeping with the lighter outlook to which we now strive.

Brooches   clockwise

Hand Embroidered Wild Flowers Brooch: Marigolds, Poppies, Cornflowers & Fireweed. Felt, brooch bar, embroidery thread. H 2inches x 1 7/8 inch. $19.98

Poppy Broach by Felt Sukrukho: Wool. Length: 4 x 4 inch $31.00, 3 x 3 inch $28.00  or 2 x 2 inch $25.00Pin on the back. 100% natural and eco friendly.


Turquoise $33.00

Purple $45.00

Yellow $45.00

Recycled Jeans Blue Flower Brooch by DreamsGiftsArt: Bespoke. Cotton. 4.33 inches $29.15

Necklaces   clockwise

Necklace Scarf: Bespoke. Synthetic Chiffon. Light shibori chunky necklace scarf in green, yellow and orange tones. Bohemian style fabric. Many color combinations available. $56.81

Dusty Rose Floral Necklace by CraftyJoe Designs:  Bespoke. cotton fabric, felt, glass beads, antique gold colored chain and findings Closure: Lobster claw 18” $33.78, 20”  $35.24 or 22” $36.69. 

Black and White Fabric Necklace by nad205: Bespoke. Many other fabrics available. Necklace length: 15.5 Inches. Materials: fabric, glass, silver, cotton fabric, wax print. $67.18

Bracelets   clockwise

Peruvian Fabric Woven Bracelet: Adjustable. @ $8.00

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

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