Fur Scarves (Faux & Real)

Softness, warmth, and the touch of luxury or illusion thereof. Treat yourself.

Faux     clockwise

Faux Fox Pull Through Scarf by Surell Accessories: Approx. 54″L x 6.5″W. 7 colors. $85.00

Faux Fur Pompom Muffler Scarf by Fiorentina: Also grey. Fluffy. $78.00

Luna Faux Fur Scarf by Apparis: 8.7″W x 47.2″L  Pull-through loop$85.00

Long Hair Faux Fur Pull Through Scarf by Jocelyn: Front side: 76% acrylic/24% polyester.  Back side: 100% Polyester. 4.5″W x 36″L $70.00


Left: Rex Rabbit Knit Infinity Scarf by Gorski: Bleached white, bleached rex rabbit fur (China) 60” x 6”. Ruffled. 6 colors. $395.00

Right: Rabbit & Fox Fur Pull-Through Scarf by Surell Accessories: Pull through style. 5 colors. $150.00

Real Fox Fur     left to right

Fox Fur Scarf by Pologeorgis: Hook-and-eye closure. 6″W x 56″L Sale $700.00

Fox Fur Scarf by Adrienne Landau: Hook closure. $495.00

Knit Silver Fox Fur Scarf by La Fiorentina: Viscose/polyester/nylon with Dyed silver fox. Black or grey. 75% off at $169.99

Photo by Counselling at Pixabay

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