Gifts for Hosts/Hostesses and Foodies


Left: The Vermont Country Store Vermont Sunday Breakfast Gift Box: “Everything needed for a Vermont Sunday morning, except the cows!” Buttermilk Vermont maple pancake mix (1 lb. bag) Vermont finest grade A maple syrup (1 pint) Whole blueberry preserves (10 oz. jar) Cob-smoked bacon cured with maple syrup (1 lb.) $49.95

Right: Barney Greengrass’s Uncle Milty Breakfast: The basic necessities. One pound of Eastern Nova Scotia Top of FormBottom of Formand a half pound of our irresistible whitefish salad, a dozen bagels, vegetable and scallion cream cheese, rugelach. Alternative packages- Breakfast in Bed $149. The 1 Dad  $185.00, The Essential Sunday Morning $195.00

Tea and Honey  clockwise

PALAIS DES THÉS Christmas Favorites Tea Assortment: Thé Merveilleux: gourmet notes of caramelized almonds and pistachio.  Thé des Etoiles: gourmet notes of sweet chestnut and tonka beans. Thé des Gourmets: blending almond, cherry, and cranberry with a base of black tea. Thé des Délices: notes of tart citrus peel, candied mandarins and rich cocoa. Vive les fêtes: a blend of Oolong and green teas with almonds and spices. Cannelle Orange: orange and cinnamon notes. Chaï No. 25: black tea with spices. Black Tea No. 25: the essential Christmas black tea. Garden No. 25: the Christmas delectable infusion. Includes 54 individual tea bags in nine flavor variations. Made in France. $54.00

Savannah Bee Company Orange Blossom Honey flute. 2.5″Dia. x 12.5″T; 20 ounces.Sweet honey with a subtle citrus flavor and incredible aroma. $25.00

Neiman Marcus Honey Spoon Flight:  Clover Honey Tea Spoons.  14″L x 7.5″D x 1.5″T. Net. wt. 4.8 ounces. Shelf life: 9 months. $45.00

Sweets   clockwise

Mrs. Prindable’s Black Tie Petite Caramel Apple 12-Count Case: Tuxedos with dark chocolate buttons and bow tie. Hand-dipped in creamy caramel, then carefully covered in thick, rich white and dark chocolate. Set of 12 petite Black Tie caramel apples. Approximately 8 ounces each. Case, 14″W x 5″D x 8″T. $80.00 Shipping: $18.00

Mrs. Prindable’s Milk Chocolate Walnut Pecan Jumbo Caramel Apple: Each extra-fancy apple is hand-dipped in homemade, golden caramel, hand-rolled in premium walnuts and pecans, then smothered in rich, melted milk chocolate. Colossal. 6.25″W x 5.25″D x 11.5″T. Serves 8-10 people. Approximately 1.5 lbs. $27.00 Shipping: $12.50

Not Shown: Mrs. Prindable’s Holiday Caramel Apple 4-Pack 6.25”  @ $37.00 Shipping: $12.50

Williams Sonoma Reindeer Cake Pops: With edible sugar eyes, red candy noses and pipe-cleaner antlers, these treats bring out the kid in everyone. Made from fudgy, from-scratch chocolate cake, formed into small balls, then hand-dipped in chocolate. Set of six (8.5 oz. total). Shipped chilled. Made in USA. $39.96

Not Shown: Hanukkah Stars (Blue and White Sugar) Cookie Gift Tin $75.00

Not Shown: Sweet Things Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pecan Pie $47.99

Personal Chocolate   clockwise

Maggie Louise Cha Ching Chocolate Gift Box: Includes: two white chocolate dollar signs + strawberry crisp, four milk chocolate dollar signs + peanut butter candy, and three dark chocolate dollar signs + salted caramel  Box: 5.1″Sq. x 1.5″T. $50.00 Shipping $8.00

Lilac Achievement Award/Ersatz Oscar: Delicious and iconic chocolate statues stand 8-1/2″ tall, and contain 8 oz. of chocolate. Available in our milk or dark chocolate. Handmade in Brooklyn. Ships in 24 hours. Net Weight:  8 oz. Gluten Free. $18.00

Le Comptoir de Mathilde Tool Box Dark & Milk Chocolates: Tool Box of dark and milk chocolate tools.  Box: 21.5″Sq. x 4″T. Shelf life: 12 months. $32.00

Le Comptoir de Mathilde Gardener Box Dark Milk Chocolates: Boxed set of gardening-themed chocolate candies.Approx. dimensions (L x W x T): 21.5″ x 21.5″ x 4″.INGREDIENTS: 50% Dark chocolate (64% cocoa mass, sugar, 9% cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOY lecithin, natural vanilla flavor. Cocoa: 70% minimum.), 50% MILK chocolate ( sugar, 24% cocoa butter, 22,5% whole MILK powder, 11% cocoa mass, emulsifier: SOY lecithin, natural vanilla flavor. Cocoa: 33% minimum).Contains allergens (dairy).$32.00

Foodie Treats   from the top down

Bella Cucina Classic Collection Pesto Gift Set: Set of three jars of pesto.Fresh Basil: Fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, expeller-pressed canola oil, walnuts, Parmesan cheese, parsley, fresh garlic, lemon juice and salt. Olivada Olive: Kalamata olives, extra virgin olive oil, expeller-pressed canola oil, garlic, lemon juice.Sun-dried Tomato: Sun-dried tomatoes (may contain sulfites) extra virgin olive oil, expeller-pressed canola oil, parmesan cheese (from milk) pine nuts, garlic, salt and herbs. Approx. dimensions (L x W x T): 6.5″ x 4″ x 4″ Contains allergens: dairy, nuts.  $40.00

Fortnum & Mason Marmalade Trio:Sir Nigel’s Vintage Marmalade: Hearty, thick-cut marmalade combines sweet, juicy Seville oranges with a Chinese stem ginger for a spicy finishing touch. Old English Hunt Marmalade: Medium-cut marmalade highlights the bright, fruity flavors of Seville oranges with rich, caramelized notes of brown sugar.                               Burlington Breakfast Marmalade: Fine-cut marmalade showcases the vibrant citrus flavor of Seville oranges, highlighted with raw cane sugar for a delicate sweetness. Set includes three 4-oz. jars, one of each flavor. Made in the UK. $27.95

Pommery Moutarde Royale au Cognac: Royal mustard with a hint of cognac giving it a smooth, rich flavor.  Approx. 3.25″Dia. x 4″T.  Net. wt. 8.8 ounces. $27.00n

Fortnum & Mason Christmas Pudding Conserve: Christmas pudding is a holiday tradition for generations of Britons. Its popularity led to this conserve version – a classic blend of sweet apples, raisins, tart cranberries, citrus peel and spice, plus a generous spoonful of brandy. Delicious on toast or pastries, the conserve also makes a festive accompaniment to a cheese platter or cold cuts. 7 oz. $29.95

Fortnum & Mason Christmas Cognac Butter: Christmas Cognac Butter is a British specialty made with European-style butter, cane sugar and a splash of Fortnum’s premium cognac. Add a dab to Christmas puddings and warm mince pies, or serve it at holiday brunches to add spirited flavor to pancakes and waffles, biscuits and baked goods. 7. 4 oz. $16.95

Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 25.36 oz. 3.4″Dia. x 12.5″T. Net. wt. 25.4 ounces. $40.00

TRUFF Hot Sauce, White Truffle Limited Release, Gourmet Hot Sauce with Ripe Chili Peppers, Organic Agave Nectar, White Truffle and Coriander, a Limited Flavor Experience in a Bottle, 6oz. $34.99

Truffle Condiment Set: Truffle-infused Italian specialties handcrafted in small batches with fresh, locally sourced ingredients from the Tuscan countryside. Flavorful and versatile, the truffle salt and truffle oil elevate everything from roasted meat and vegetables to pasta and popcorn. Italian Sea Salt with Black Truffle:–Sprinkle on grilled or roasted meat, egg dishes, soup, pasta, flatbread and popcorn for lively truffle flavor. (4.5 oz.) Extra-Virgin Olive Oil with Black Truffle Aroma: Drizzle this pungent, aromatic finishing oil on eggs, vegetables, pasta, polenta, risotto and grilled meat. (3.38 oz.) Made in Italy. $24.95                                                                                                          

Not Shown: Maple Syrup Grade Collection $59.95


Left: Eli Zabar Brioche Holiday Wreath: Edible 12” braided brioche wreath tied with a red bow and every bit as delicious as their famous rich buttery braided loaves. $45.00

Right: Right: Chocolate Christmas Letters written in Ghirardelli Milk or Dark Chocolate- Size L Photo 3 x 5 inch, Protective cardstock packaging  Send Season’s Greetings, a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or any warm message, Comes in 33 In total, the chocolate you receive weighs just over 7 ounces or just under half a pound! This is 7 servings of chocolate.
***Please include the message to be written in chocolate (up to 33 characters) in the personalization section on the order.  Also, let us know the date you want the chocolate delivered. $29.95    

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