Gifts for Sagittarians

November 22- December 21:  Element-Fire, Color-Blue, Quality-Mutable, Day-Thursday, Greatest Compatibility- Gemini and Aries

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All About Sagittarius: An Astrological Guide to Personality, Friendship, Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Career, and More: Paperback $9.99

AstroReality: Zodiac 12 Constellation Astrology Notebook, Interactive Augmented Reality Experience: 8×5″, 192 Pages unruled journal, embossed hardcover. Scan the front and back covers with our interactive app to enable the AR features. Experience the history of the mythology, stars, and ruling planets that make up the Sagittarius constellation. $29.99

Sagittarius: The Art of Living Well and Finding Happiness According to Your Star Sign: Hardcover. $9.99

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Sagittarius Constellation T-Shirt: Cotton/polyester. 5 colors. Cold wash. $19.99

Heavy Cotton Sagittarius Tee: Handscreened. 11 colors. $14.95

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Greenline Goods Hand Etched Sagittarius Stemless Wine Glasses: 15 oz. Set of 2. Each astrology tumbler prominently features the Sagittarius constellation, and includes the names of all the associated stars. $28.98

ZaH Constellation 10 oz. Coffee Mug: Size: 3.7” x 3” – H x Diameter. Cold mug is black, when pour in hot liquid, the printing image will appear constellation. $12.98

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