Head to the Grocery for Holiday Gifting

You can be creative when planning gifts this holiday season while keeping it simple. With so much cooking and eating at home happening, give inspired presents to family, friends or neighbors. We have ideas that are budget friendly and will be greatly appreciated.  You may not have to go any farther than the local grocery store to get a lot of holiday shopping done and it is suggested that you look for items that feature attractive packaging. Check out these ideas!

Food Prep – If you know someone who likes to bake, put together some non-perishable ingredients and mixes. You can also include muffin cups or a baking pan. Italian gourmets will enjoy a bottle of fine olive oil, artisanal pasta, and specialty sauces. 

Breakfast Buddies – Everyone loves the taste pure maple syrup or a fancy honey to drizzle on pancakes or French toast. These are simple but welcome gifts. 

Spice it up – Whether it’s sweet, savory, or salty, cooks needs spices and seasonings to prepare their meals.  Think Mexican, Italian, or Asian when assembling a gift of spices.  

Snack Attack – There are many choices of better for you snacks that include seaweed crisps, popcorn, and pita chips. Explore the choices and make a gift of fun foods that people can enjoy when binging on their favorite show.

Baskets – Unleash your creativity. A small basket can be decorated and filled with jams and crackers, mustards, BBQ sauces, fresh citrus, or even a selection of granolas.

Homemade Foods – Get baking with your best recipes and be ready to share.  People love to get plates of homemade holiday cookies, a beautiful pie or cake.

Coffee and Tea Time – This is a simple, yet delightful gift. Specialty coffee or an attractive box of tea simply decorated with a ribbon is sure to please. 

Cocktail Lovers – For those that enjoy cocktails, gift them bitters, mixers, and a few small bottles of spirits.

Wine Time – If you know that someone enjoys a specific cuisine type, do a little research and find out which wines pair best with food.  A Riesling is nice for Asian food and Chianti can be served with Italian dishes. 

Happy holidays and happy gifting!

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