Savory and Sweet Passover Gifts

Candy, flowers and wine are standard. Be more original this year.

Savory   top to bottom

Challah 3 pack by William Greenberg: Each order includes 3 Challahs. Flavors include: Original Raisin, Whole wheat $39.95

Eli Zabar Two Foot Challah: weighs 3 lbs. and is over 24″ long. $119.95

Kenny & Ziggy’s Noodle Kugel: Made with egg noodles, creamy ricotta, cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins, and sour cream, this sweet side dish makes for a perfect holiday treat or Friday night dinner side dish. Serves 6-8 Arrives Fresh with ice packs, may thaw in transit. Use within 2 days $29.95

Bundle of Love: comforting, traditional favorites: chicken soup with matzo balls, plain challah and chocolate babka. Kosher. Parve. Serves 4-6. Please note that this is a clear soup recipe, with only matzo balls and noodles in the $89.99

Sweets I     clockwise

Le Cadeau Dried Fruits: Matcha tea-infused almond paste, delicately nestled on a bed of caramelized pecans and dates, culminating in a sweet confection. $38.95

Chocolate Covered Matzo: Made with Kosher for Passover Ingredients, but not Certified Kosher for Passover or made in a Kosher for Passover Facility. 16 sheets of Chocolate Covered Matzo Each sheet measures 3.5 × 3 Dark Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Paste, Soya Lecithin, Vanilla), Passover Flour, Water. $49.95

Cedar Sweets Grand Baklawa Box: 7 varieties cut in an array of shapes Ingredients include: pistachios, cashews, wheat flour, butter, sugar, water, starch, and salt (no additives). $34.95

Sweets II

Left: Assorted Hamantaschen Gift Tin (Kosher) from 2nd Avenue Deli: Fresh-baked and available in chocolate, apricot, poppy, and strawberry flavors! Each tin includes approx. 21 pieces $59.95

Right: Russian Coffee Cake Tray by Eli Zabar: It has a rich, sour cream dough, the perfect amount of gooey filling, and lots of raisins and nuts. Packed in its own pan for easy warm-ups, this 4-pound cake is big enough to easily serve 12 to 14 people for brunch any day of the week. $79.95

Generous Gift Box

Zabar’s Traditions Bundle: Home-style favorites, made in our kitchens (with love), for you to send to family and friends, near and far. What’s Inside: • 1/2 lb. Zabar’s pre-sliced nova, kosher for Passover • 1 lb. Zabar’s potato latke • Homemade apple sauce • 1 qt. Zabar’s Homemade Chicken Soup • 2 Zabar’s Homemade Matzoh Balls • Schick’s rainbow cookies Available to ship 3/25 $109.00


Happy Passover Greeting Marzipan: Matzah Tiles Decorated to resemble matzah and adorned with edible 24k gold leaf, tiles include a “happy” star of David and eight matzahs  spelling out “passover”. A gift box with 9 decorated Passover tiles. $48.00

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