Tiptoeing Towards the Holidaze: Gifts for Those You THINK Have Everything

Have a Doll Portrait Made

Budsies Selfies: Custom Plush Dolls:  Handmade with polyester plush & hypoallergenic stuffing   Voice recorders available, so you can record a special message   16″ size or 30″ Supersize upgrades available  Estimated 6-7 Weeks (US); 10 Weeks (International) $115.00 (They work from photos)

Nifty Kids Gifts

Top: Bubbles of Steel: bubble solution is made with a polymer that makes them tougher than your usual ordinary bubbles. Blow into the mini wand and watch in amazement as they become durable in just seconds. When the water evaporates, a floating shiny shell remains – fascinating. Make bubble stacks or create mind-blowing sculptures with them. $12.99

Bottom: Color Changing Nail Polish: Salon-style nails in five colors. Safe, non-toxic and long-lasting, the colors change before your eyes to match how you’re feeling. Simply expose polished nails to heat, in the sun, under warm water or underneath a warm light to watch the nail polish change colors. $12.99

These Say It All                                                                                                                                      

Top: Ed Ruscha Boss Adjustable Cap: This 100% cotton cap features an embroidered  reproduction of Ed Ruscha’s painting BOSS (1961). For those who aspire to be or think they are. $32.00

Bottom: Artist Quote Ceramic Mug: 4h x 3.25w x 4.75″d. and holds 12oz. $14.00

Candle Art

Left: Geometric Shaped Pillar Candle: Soy wax Dozens of colors
Small H 5.5 in W 1.375 in  Large  H 8.5 in W 1.375 in Non-Toxic, Phthalate-Free, Lead-Free, Zinc-Free, Paraben-Free, and Biodegradable. Made with cotton wicks for a cleaner burn. $23.00 up

Right: God or Goddess Body Torso Candle: Handmade 5.5” x 3” Vanilla or unscented $24.00

Chocolate for Those Addicted

Weibler Chocolate Video Game Controller: Rich German chocolate in the shape of a videogame controller is incredibly lifelike with colorful buttons.2.46 oz $6.99. A Brightly Packaged Set: $13.95

Color in the Kitchen

Bodum Electric Kettle: Also blue. A bright pop of contrasting colors    Powerful, rapid boil system. Automated shut-off for added safety. Integrated cord storage to keep your kitchen neat & tidy.  Easy to read water level indicator so you only boil the exact amount of water you need. $49.00


Handmade Custom Bobblehead Portrait: Send  clear photo of the face (clearly showing facial expressions, eye color, and hair) A full-body clothing photo (including tops, pants, and shoes)  Preferably a photo of the sides and back of the person or artwork reference Polymer clay and watercolor $129.00