Tiptoeing Towards the Holidaze: Stocking Stuffers & Grab Bag Gifts

Smaller, mostly less expensive, but not dull.


Left: LADIES Spa Headband – 6 Pack  The spa headband is made of soft coral fleece material, soft and fluffy, friendly to skin. Bowknot shape on the top of the band Can be stretched to 12 inch, easily to fit your head size. Washable $9.99

Silk Ruffle Sleep Eye Mask: Covered elastic band 5 colors $2.24 (NOT a typo)

Travel   clockwise

Loop Earplugs: Up to 26 dB (SNR) of noise reduction Flexible soft-touch silicone for day and night comfort Always a perfect fit Comes with 4 interchangeable ear tip sizes 7 colors $24.95

MOMAX Universal Travel Adapter: 250 volts 3.03” x 2.17” x 2.11” built-in US/JP/CN, AU, EU, UK sockets, covering more than 150 countries worldwide. $31.99

Dynotag® Web Enabled PROTAGZ™ MEGA Size Luggage ID Tag w. DynoIQ™ Lifetime Service Dynotags require NO electronics or batteries. Advanced DynoIQ Features work anywhere with Internet! Owner is auto-notified via email when tag is viewed. Simple to use – advanced features available when needed. No app required $19.95

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Cooking- Amco 8402 Rub-a-Way Bar Stainless Steel Odor Absorber:  REMOVES ODORS FROM HANDS: Rubbing the stainless steel bar removes unwanted oders from your hands. Perfect to use after handling onions, fish, garlic or other pungent foods.  IT’S NOT MAGIC, IT’S SCIENCE: The Amco Rub-a-Way Bar is made from stainless steel. The molecules in the steel bind with the sulfur molecules on your hands, transferring the molecules, and the smell, to the metal and off of your hands. $9.59

Electronics- Fintie Screen Cleaning Pad, Soft Cloth Wipes: 4 Pack ·  Designed to clean all touch screen devices including iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, MacBook, iPhone 15 Pro Max/15/14 Pro Max/14/13 Pro/Mini/12/12 Pro Max/12 Mini/iPhone 11/11 Pro/Max/X, and laptop/ computer/ TV/ camera screen. Made of vegan leather on the back and soft microfiber cloth $9.99

Carpentry/Fixing- Magnelex Magnetic Wristband: 11.2 x 4.1” Polyester One-Size-Fits-All magnetic wristband is fully adjustable with hook-and-loop fasteners to suit wrists of all sizes. $7.90


New York City Almanac and Planner, 2024: Much like the city itself, the Almanac is packed, overflowing, and brimming with wit, whimsy, humor, frustration, optimism, irony, affection, and all the rest.  Not only is it an event calendar and planner, but it’s much, much more—one might say a daily dose of adrenalin with a side of municipal pride.  Yes, it’s a day-by-day guide to the coming year in NYC: cultural events, holidays, historical anniversaries, weather predictions, the night sky.  Each week gets its own page, with enough space to record your own appointments. But that’s just for starters. Each month opens with an essay that sets the mood for the coming weeks—a panoramic sweep across the month’s events 7″ x 4.25″, 1/4″ thick. $12.95

Photo by Donna Spearman on Unsplash

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